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"Rebuild" Ignition Switch? Intermittent fuel pump circuit connection.

I have a slightly annoying issue that can become very annoying whenever it decides. My ignition typically will not trigger the fuel pumps to run continuously unless it is in a "sweet spot". If you simply turn the key to start you can hear the pump come on for a split second then once the car starts they go in/out ultimately deciding whether or not it will hold an idle. It's almost like there's a dead spot in the key turn just prior to ignition that is cutting off continuous connection to the pumps. Sometimes this takes several attempts before they will run continuously after the engine is fired.

Sometimes I can very carefully/slowly turn the key until I find the "sweet spot" just prior to actual ignition which will trigger the pumps to run continuously for several seconds then I fire it and it's typically gtg. It's important to note that this sweet spot does not always exist. Other times I simply turn the key to the "on position" and the pumps run continuously.

Is this something as simple as a lose wire/connection in the ignition? This is something I have just lived with as a quirk to the car for quite some time and honestly is not an issue ~75% of the time I'm driving but when it decides to act up it can be very annoying. Also worth noting the car has cut fuel/died on me while driving before which results in having to shift to neutral, fire the car, then release the clutch in appropriate gear to remain cruising. Simply letting the clutch out will not start the engine back up.

Ideas? I know the switches are not very expensive but would rather have all of my keys match etc. Thanks in advance!

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