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The 0280155784 injectors are hi-imp injectors with completely different dead time (on/off times). The DME has a dead time table built into the program and those hi-imp injectors have at least double (2X) dead times! Not saying they won't work but I'm warning you to at least sanity check your AFRs in car with a accurate WideBandO2 meter!

Test AFRs with no O2 sensor feedback, disconnect the stock O2 sensor and you need to be in this ballpark once engine is fully warm:
At Idle - 14.0 to 14.7AFR
In PT light load, like cruising in 4th gear at 3000RPMs = 14.0 to 14.7
At WOT you MUST be below 13.0AFR at all times!

Do not run those injectors without proper verification, you have been warned!

Originally Posted by bickyd View Post
options.... 0280150158 is the stock fuel injector and flows 21.8 pounds of fuel per hour. there is also 0280150159 which flows approximately 1.5 pounds of fuel more per hour than the 158. I am thinking this is for the 10.3 to 1 compression euro version of the 3.2 liter. could be wrong tho. stock injectors are EV1 connector and are low impedance coils. 2.4 ohms i believe. the DME in our cars can handle high impedance coils from modern injectors without harm but i believe it affects off times in relation to firing or dead time. there are many opinions in relation to this topic on this board. 0280150360 and 0280150364 are said to be drop in alternative injectors. these injectors flow 25.7 pounds of fuel per hour. both are EV1 connectors and low impedance coils. I myself have purchased 0280155784 injectors from ebay for a whopping sum of 41 dollars canadian after shipping for 6. new , not refurbished. ( mere beer money for you guys) these injectors are four hole injectors that atomize the fuel to a greater degree. they flow 21.3 pounds per hour and are high impedance with an EV6 connector. connector adapters are cheap and small enough to not notice when in place. some say they have run these for many many years with no adverse affects other than superior performance. others say you are risking lean conditions in either tip in , idle , wide open throttle or cruising. i am going to try them but play on the safe side and install an Air / fuel ratio meter so at least i can hopefully anticipate the big bang. I re and re'd my AFM myself and can attest to improved response and it eliminated a stumble at 2000 rpm. its not that hard. ymmv. your injectors look nice but the coils are still 30 years old. not a biggie unless they have seen excessive current. This is info I have gleaned from the forums. I left out names so I don't get !@#@ kicked. I have heard about people from texas.......
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