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when im removing a welded on panel the 1st thing i always do is cut the hole thing out using a 4.5" cut off wheel , sawzall , and or air chisel just to get the majority of the unwanted metal out of the way. i like to leave about a 1/2" of the old panel left were the spot welds are .

when your drilling out the spot welds take a 1/8" drill bit and pit a little dimple in the center of the spot weld. this will do two things for you. the 1st is let you see them easier as your working to remove the panel and the 2nd is it will not let the spot weld cutter walk as easy.
when ever you can you want to drill from the side of the panel your removing. this way your not left with a hole in the panel your saving that you will have to deal with.
you want to pick a cutter just a little bigger then the size of the spot welds your removing. to large of a cutter will make it harder to cut thru just the one panel your removing.

porsche along with most euro cars place spot welds about 2" apart they do this to make the car stronger it's twice as many as US or asian cars but also a PITA when you need to replace a panel.
i still would rather it be a PITA then own a honda.

when it comes to having to remove the edge that is left from the old panel i tend to use a ridged putty knife with the knife blade that goes all the way to the end of the handle.
this way you can hit it with a hammer to drive the knife between the two pieces of metal to separate them.
once i get them separated a little you then can use a panel splitter knife or an air chisel with a very flat chisel blade.
at this point they should come apart pretty easily.

when your using a spot weld cutter and they have replaceable cutting teeth buy an extra pack of them. rust will dull a cutting tool pretty quickly. also the center pins will break so an extra pack of them will come in handy too.
spot weld cutters are designed for low speed drills a home drill made for wood is a high speed drill and will burn out the cutting blades real quickly. you cut slow speed for metals and use some WD40 when cutting. wd40 has no silicone so it's safe for you to use when doing autobody metal work. you can just wipe it off when your all done using thinner.
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