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"11) Post a picture of your rear fender condenser so we can see which way the tubes run and how it is plumbed."

Appears you have a piccolo tube and fin design, more efficient than a standard tube and fin (alike what is stock on a deck lid condenser), we used them years back and they can do well, if you orientate them properly.

Looks like your 'tubes' are running vertical, up and down. Ideally the condenser should be orientated so the tubes are horizontal, left to right or right to left, with the inlet from the deck lid condenser at the top and the outlet at the bottom. This is not to say the way you have it... you could achieve some cooling performance, however currently it is not ideal.

When the refrigerant leaves the compressor it is a high pressure 'gas' and as the condenser removes the heat from the gas the change of state is from a gas to liquid.
With the refrigerant tubes in the condenser, as you have them, vertical (up and down) its difficult for the liquid to move through the tubes; takes more energy to move it up and down rather than left to right or right to left like going down a set of stairs in simple terms.

I can't see the size of your fittings, however the largest fitting (usually a #8) is the inlet and the smallest is the outlet (a #6). If they are both #8 then you just need a transition fitting from 8 to 6 on the bottom outlet manifold.

I won't say your issue of a warm evaporator core is related to above just yet, however you got a lot of non kosher stuff going on. Might as well get your ducks in order in addition to providing observations (data) from one evac, charge and test session.
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