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Thank you but the work I do is literally "standing on shoulders of giants". The guys on this forum have really been the source of my ability to clean or do many of the tasks I did.
Here is a list of items to use for cleaning/polishing.
Number one is patience, get in a hurry and mess something up and you are at best redoing or buying new parts.

plastic putty knife.
Dull (very important) putty knife. Use on gaskets very carefully, will scratch aluminum.
Variety of brass bristle brushes, from tooth brush size and up.
Rolock discs, 80 grit and 120 grit. Yellow and white.
Scotch pads (Blue).
Plastic wire brush (for high speed drill).
Actual tooth brush. Preferably not the one you will use on your teeth later

Simple green, use freely.
Acetone, use on most parts that do not have rubber or plastic in them.
De-natured alcohol use freely, though some paint surface won't like it.
Brake parts cleaner, use carefully only on all metal unpainted parts.

Expect your hands to suffer even if you have the patience to wear gloves (use a 9 mil one as it rips less often).

Don't force anything if it is not coming out or going in check for interference.
If you don't own these get or borrow them, 2 torque gauges. 1 for 10 to 150 Ft/Lbs can be click type. 1 for around 50 to 250 In/Lbs this one should be a balance bar type for accuracy.

Light sources, I like like incandescent for the light color, but it does put out a lot of heat. One bright led flash light, as small and narrow as you can get.

Mag pick up tools various. Get at least one that has a light built into it's end.

Mirror on the end of a swivel extension rod.

Breaker bars and cheater pipes to go on them for "Persuasion" of really stubborn issues.*

My personal favorite a well stocked garage fridge. (Do not use * items after using fridge for multiple beverages)

Optional, a good supply of cuss words.

Finally orange hand cleaner, ( I have been using it as a whole body pre rinse before showering).

Your List:
Clutch: Do a brake flush will you are all hooked up for the clutch flush/bleed. Though it's tempting to buy brake fluid in larger bottles for the cost savings, I would recommend buy 1 large one 32 Oz or so and buy 2 or 3 8 Oz ones. As you can't save an opened bottle and through away clean (expense) fluid is painful.
Wp: Do belts and rollers, may be a good time for the front of engine seals. Coolant hoses at the front of the car. Flush and pressure test the coolant system.
TB: clean the TPS contacts on the connector and and housing with a brush and acetone. When you put it back on zip tie the hose at the bottom of the TB that goes to the thermo sithch. Test your BOV at this time.
Tie rods: put new boots on them even if the old ones are not torn, dirt and grime builds up in there. Inspect the bushings in the control arms along with the ball joints and the bushings in the sway bar.
Wheel bearings: I would point you to the thread in the sticky at the start of the forum.
Fuel filter: Test the fuel pump for pressure and delivery volume.
Trans fluid: I made a contraption with PVC and a funnel to get the liquid in there, can post pic if you need me to.
Motor mounts: Bless you child replace what ever you find cracked, broken, brittle or if it looks at you side ways.
Post as you go so if any one reading sees where you are at and some thing occurs to them they can chime in.
Apologies for grammatical/orthographic errors this is a lot of typing for us 2 finger typists
See you when you emerge for air.
"Little problems always come back and bring bigger friends with them".
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