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Preserving that engine...

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so please bear with me.

I own a '98 Boxster that has a little over 120k miles. It leaks oil and has a nasty rattling noise on cold starts.

I searched about this on this forum and also read relevant sections in Wayne's excellent 101 Projects book which I got a few days ago.

About the rattling at cold start:

I did Wayne's suggested test of cranking the engine with the fuel pump fuse pulled, and I was very relieved that the rattling didn't happen when I started the car after putting the fuse back in; this means the cause of the rattling is one or more tensioners. I read elsewhere on this forum something suggesting there's no need to worry about that; I'd like to understand why, because that rattling, although lasting only a couple of seconds, is very loud, so I fear in the long run it might damage the chains and/or other components they get in contact with to make the rattling.

Here's an idea, tell me if it's crazy: Put a switch (spring-loaded pushbutton) in the fuel pump fuse circuit, that you depress to open the circuit, for a few seconds, just when doing a cold start. This would be similar to what I think they were doing for starting a Spitfire's Merlin engine, (presumably to lube the parts - there's a video on YouTube that shows this and it also explains why they called that bird Spitfire - awesome sound those Merlin engines, btw...). Yes I realize this may abuse the starter, but I'd much rather change a starter than open up an engine.

About the oil leak:

I'll bring the car to a shop that does Porsche work to try to determine the source. One thing I saw in Wayne's book is a mod to the oil filter area that does away with the canister and paper filters, and allows use of standard screw-on filters. Coupled with Wayne's assessment that the current design might have a weak point there, I thought "what a great idea", but then I saw a few pictures on the forum, showing little bits of green or brown material within removed paper oil filters, I thought "oops, that's useful info that likely would be lost if switching to the screw-on filters"; that's because on the forum, based on the color of the chunks, it seems possible to determine which components are wearing/failing,

Hence on that topic (oil filter approach) I'm now undecided. One thing I hope will not happen (or hopefully has not happened yet) on my engine is IMS deterioration; I want to do everything I can to avoid this, and my plan on that is frequent oil changes, keeping quantity on the top peg, and use of a more viscous oil, of the highest possible quality - btw I'd like suggestions on the oil type/brand, so far I've been using 5W40 synthetic, no particular brand (whathever's on special at Canadian Tire (eh ? ;-)

Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Thanks in advance !

Gilles from Montreal

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