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Yeah, did mine in 35-hrs last time along with clutch, headgasket and timing-belt replacement.

Mechanical stuff's easy. What trips up most mechanics is electronics. Being able to space speed/ref sensors properly (don't forget figure-8 spacer). Along with using an oscilloscope to verify that speed/ref signals are correct. After that, everything's piece of cake. I'd bet that 99.9% of starting & running issues are due to speed/ref sensor problems and no one ever checks their waveforms with oscilloscope. Took all of 5-minutes to pinpoint an issue that plagued owner for 5-years on last car I looked at.

ECT and IAT sensors are also critically important. Frayed wires on ECT connector will result in no-start condition. Throws people off all the time because when they measure resistance of sensor (if they're any good), they find that it's within spec. However, they don't take next step and verify same reading at DME connector to make sure that wiring in-between is also good.

Also measure AFM. If you see silicon on cover-cap, most likely someone's tweaked the spring to "tune" car via '80s method. This is 2018 damnit! We use ECU-tuning methods! So measure voltage-output of AFM at idle and verify it's within spec dictated in manual. Also at 3000rpms/45-mph in 3rd-gear.

Don't forget grounds. Sand all ground-points and cable-terminals to give good contact and conductivity.

Measure resistance between two terminals of each injector (all injectors disconected). Should be NO CONTINUITY, infinite resistance. Otherwise, you've got short in injector harness that'll throw off fueling or even fry your DME.

Make sure BOTH bolts are on distributor rotor. I had once case where EVERYTHING checked out, but spark never made it past brand-new rotor, cap, wires and plugs. Rotor was off by 45-degrees or so and spark had nowhere to go. If you find mechanic that thinks ignition-timing can be adjusted with distributor, run away immediately!

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