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Originally Posted by TCracingCA View Post
My thought on crossing the centerline. There is a fine line to when and where you apex the whole road. I personally don't want to kill any civilians ever, but it isn't unusual for that to be done. I personally only fault the truly dangerous, and reckless ones. At least if you do it, late apex please-- so you have a wider field of view entering, and can pick up the headlights coming, and dive back to the inside or outside sooner, depending on the direction you were going!!!!!

Mulholland was always hairy, as no one ever closed the road. At our local hang out (Turnbull Canyon), we actually would close the road, and everyone had walkie talkies. Since half the time, we couldn't get good reception, if we squawked the send button a whole bunch of times, then it meant to abort the run. If it was the Police, then we would wait about 5 seconds from the last static burst or attempt at comms and squawk the send again, or keep squawking for everyone to scatter. Usually if the Cops came in on us, we would all scrabble out the end, hopefully where they weren't coming. I only remember one joint attempt by Whittier PD and Los Angeles County Sheriffs to combine for a bust. We also on occasion had bottle rockets in the hands of our sentries. They would pop one from about 3/4- to a mile away meaning the police, and the crowd at the start or finish lines would all start squawking as we dove for the car doors to bail.

The first time I ever went to visit Mulholland, I attempted to be friendly to the locals, and get local knowledge, but they weren't too friendly (you guys weren't friendly )!!!. It seemed like not too many were actually keen on racing, at least with stranglers. Obviously undercover cop paranoia syndrome too, existed! Sure they (you guys) loved to buzz the road, and would chase down and buzz the occasional car. I personally think the kids dominated the evenings, and they didn't mix it up too much, with the adults to often. Seemed more tribal, club against club (local bragging rights and ritual) and not real welcoming of outsiders like our group over visiting.

Each time I made the trip, it never seemed like I got the action, I had hoped for. But sure, some damn cool rides were up there.

"The first time I ever went to visit Mulholland, I attempted to be friendly to the locals, and get local knowledge, but they weren't too friendly (you guys weren't friendly "

When Grandstands was 2 and 3 cars deep all away across the lot people were friendly. When we could not even pull into Grandstands due to the sardine can claustrophobic like festivities we went to Bowmont and sat on the hill. People were friendly. Then Carl's and lined the shoulder, when that was packed we went to Carl's Junior and Deadmans and parked in the dirt. People were friendly.

It's not that people weren't friendly, they became very cautious. At the late late stage around 1980 people just didn't park much anymore. Being stopped made you a sitting duck for trouble. No parking dusk til dawn signs were going up. Gates installed at Bowmont in 84. Parking and socializing was a trap, nowhere to run when the cops rolled up on you.

Try explaining your way out of a ticket that starts with your car being familiar from a prior visual observation that you didn't get caught. It usually begins with a front license plate inspection, lighting check, exhaust sound check and progresses into the more serious VC offenses. In the late 70's and early eighties some black and white taxi cabs carried quasi - handheld decibel meters. Once you fail the unwritten probable cause clause it promptly moves on to other discretionary interpretations and safety violations just for humiliation alone.

The resulting roadside consultation with a smile and yellow invitation to make a donation along with a follow up office visit to the Marshalls office to get those pesky minor violations signed off was enough for one nights fun. If you had ever been pulled over and been roughed up, pushed up against a car and a billy club stuck in your gut you got off easy.

A bad night meant they impounded and towed your car to Fox or Archers Tow. It would get worse because that nice Pioneer Supertuner radio you bought at Leos Stereo was usually missing when you went to bail your car out.

A really bad day or night was when you got arrested.

Stay moving and busy was a safe bet. Don't stop unless you run out of gas.

I honestly can say the Mulholland civilians are some of friendliest folks I have ever met in my life. Not only that they all have a fantastic sense of humor and unique understanding of what can go wrong on Mulholland Drive. We have cowbell.

I mean hey these are the guys that back when wore masks, raced Go-Karts, skateboards, Rancheros, Pintos, and Station Wagons on Mulholland and sometimes on the rare occasion actually became a real live Mulholland airborne pilot. Of course those vehicles were a one time use affair. Victor regularly wore flame proof moccasins while he was racing around the hill.

Now we wave at the police like mothers dropping off the kids at elementary school and sometimes the mothers wave back at us. If that's not friendly community relations I don't know what is? Now Chris brings out his laptop and we watch movies on the big screen on Mul. We need more lawn chairs. Its quite the spectacle.

Radu even drove a racing seat on Mulholland one night. Just the seat -no car. No one could catch him.

Frank is the only one anyone un-friended. He crashed his car and is now driving a Station Wagon too.

(for sarcasm and humor only)
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