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When I visited, it was in the latter days of 1977 onward (old clapped out 1967 Camaro, that might have been an actual Z-28 (at least that is what the guy I sold it to claims it is). Probably the last racing days was when I came up from Long Beach and even a time or two from San Diego while stationed in the Navy 81/82 having the V-8 Porsche 914 initially and then in 1982 (still in the military) I bought the 1963/64 Bastard flared Corvette Race car. That was a full blown race car, and very politically incorrect for even that crowd, that I remember encountering up there. As I did down on the Boulevards (Van Nuys and Whittier), I went straight at a few guys, trying to gamble for cash for races and got no takers. But I bet if I had run across some of you (the real racers), I would have had a few take me up on a run or two.

I definitely knew to stay mobile also. We usually would take a pretty non-descript car, and run it back and forth, and get a feel or pulse for the evenings, Political environment/climate, for that night on the road (see if the Police were active, what level of traffic, who we were seeing looking obvious, that they were up there for that, etc.). We did not turn into the big turnouts really, when I had the most potent cars up there, as I do remember the signs posted, and no one was parked there, like in the earlier days of my occasional visits. Therefore we would track someone down off of the hill, hoping to intercept down like at a Gas Station stop or food place. Any races I did arrange, where done off of the hill or while parked down on Van Nuys (mostly down there we were approached mainly for drag racing). I when I visited remember parking like down off of Laurel or Coldwater and waiting parked, for like a group of Capri's or 510 Datsuns, or the occasional Porsche 911 Turbo or something to follow and pick on or trail to where the action might be. Generally if I started dogging their tail, they would kind of wave me around, and then see if they could keep up. That led to a few drive by conversations, after turning off and parking somewhere. A few times, you locals warned us, that the Police were heavy, and not advised to play. We thank you for those heads ups!!!!!

I actually can be very social and complementary of someone's car, very knowledgeable on their Datsun, Porsche mods, even after dusting them off or when casually meeting to measure one another. I usually get along with all car people, except on modern forums. I do think you guys knew instantly who were local, and tended to be semi-leery of visitors. Also maybe we were measured as a potential bad crowd, not having local knowledge and the pulse to be caught hanging out with (our stupidity of boldly being non-covert, would bring the Cops down on you guys). I got pulled over more than a few times. I think my military ID got me out of a number of fix it or exhibition of speed tickets. They usually at 22 years old, thought it must be my Father's car or someone else's car. I told one Officer, I bought it with my Military enlistment bonus. Also It might have been the military haircut to, that caused you guys to potentially think we might be cops.

A few times, we had someone from our group actually drop us off on foot, on the course, where we sat for a while, leaving the cars parked down the hill, with our girlfriends watching them, socializing with each other or eating/drinking, while we were up there doing recon, seeing if there was any action going back and forth. I remember planting the butt on a few guardrails, and trying to wave down some action. We even started taking some checkered flags up there around 1983, and were waving them around at cars, as cars we thought were worthy, were passing (Trying to solicit some attention). We waved them once at a Police car, and he stopped and backed up to tell us to disperse. He went up and U-turned and then sat kind of watching us, so we started walking eastward, to get picked back up, at the time we arranged with our ride. We even had Uber etiquette in play, as our ride would pass up to get the signal that everything was Ok to stop and have us load up after that Police Officer encounter (Pass us and then U-turn, making sure it was Ok to Chinese fire drill back into the car).

Additionally we would drive up and down all of the side streets, long driveways in some places trying to find locals. And some nights, we got skunked. I would say my total for visits in the clandestine hours of the nights, totaled slightly less than 20 trips. We combined those with some Van Nuys cruising, because we had our own local hang out, where we were the big shots over in Hacienda Heights & Whittier Hills and Boulevard. Naturally we had to support our own local Law Enforcement. We might have also gotten up there also, after your bed times!!!!!

So I assume you have a Skateboarding course record too?????

(For Sarcasm and Humor only!!!! Too!!!!).

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