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Incorporate AFR Target is a calculated multiplier of the fuel delivery based on VE and fuel stoich ratio
basically the VE table is setup for a flat 14.7 response across load and RPM and then the system "incorporates" the required injector pulse width time change to achieve the AFR target for that RPM and Load. So you tune VE first and then once correct you do all your further tuning in the AFR tables.
it's not reactive to current AFR in any way, it simply goes if we need 3ms of injector time to get 14.7 for this cell, do 4.1ms to get 13.3

As we are not using normal millisecond timing for the injectors, and our usage of the VE tables is not related to actual Volumetric Efficiency, this rough calculation does not work with CIS so has been disabled.

EGO control, does a closed loop correction based on Current AFR and Required AFR in real time and will adjust DPR mA or frequency valve duty to achieve the required AFR in the AFR Table.

EGO control is primarily intended for steady state cruise and part throttle refinement, so I don't know if it can respond quickly enough to deal with your AFR issues in the higher gears
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Yes! mechanical/hydraulic constant flow injection can be managed by a modern EMS
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