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Originally Posted by 93097004xx View Post
To OP just advertise your air cooled as a project be open to offers.

I don’t believe it’s a 930 anymore your prospective buyers are probably those looking to build a race car 934/935.

I believe from the pictures you show it would come to north of $50,000 just to get the mechanics sorted that’s before the bodywork and interior which is easily another $50,000.

If you’re wondering what a really nice 84 930 is priced at or what the market commands there isn’t a example on BaT to reference but there is a nice 85 930 to use as a guide.

These are stunners when they aren’t modified or brought to forms the factory didn’t intend. When they are in fact truly a 930.
You're out of your mind. It is a 930. It's not a burned out hulk - even if it was - it would be a 930.

Here we go again down the 930-hole. The economics with never, ever make sense IF they want to turn it into one of the cars you present (and even then, it would not be one of those cars). But it will make sense in another 20 years. I guarantee it.

I remember very vividly in the late '80s when people were dragging Ferraris out of fields, ponds (I'm serious) and barns. One in particular was a NART Spyder and all there was left was a twisted, rusted, melted frame (yes, I went to the barn and picked it up) - and this went back to Italy and it became, guess what? A NART Spyder and no one cared. Because it was done right. It had a story as MANY historic race cars do - but it's still that car if you want it to be.

When did all you 930 people become such snobs. A parts car? A 934/935 conversion? Are you serious? I'm serious when I say that his is not a parts car. It's not a boat anchor. I believe it has potential. The Ferrari people are secretly laughing at us and wonder when this hobby is going to mature. I'm wondering too.

Do you call a just-found 911 prototype with chairs, flares and white gauges not a 911 prototype? Or a '73 RS that has been neglected not a RS? Or a '64 that has been wide-bodied and rusted not a '64?

930s are rare cars. Not to mention Euro 930s because they beat the hell out of them. They drove them in the rain, in the snow, off-road, on the cobble-stoned back streets. Commuted in them. As that photo shows of that white one, they drove that car and put away wet. But who cares. Unless Porsche starts tooling up for another G-Body 930 production, and Ferry comes back from the dead, then I don't know where your head is.

To someone like me it would not matter. The OPs 930 may not be a stellar 930 but it has the potential to be one. So what if someone buys it and puts all the money in. It will not be an original car but it's a 930.

$50K for the engine? Yeah, no.

Whatever. Sure if I had $100K I would buy that old sweet cranberry colored 930 that Voiture gave his son (I still like that car) that had the same color as a 924 I once owned. But I don't. Even if I did maybe I would buy the OPs 930 to see what I could do. I would put it back together very quickly and enjoy the car everyday just like Ronnie does and live decent, law-abiding Turbo good life - and not worry as much.

Parts car or 934/935 conversion. OK. We'll see.

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