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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Admissions to the very top schools is an interesting process, which I went through with my kids and am glad to be done with.
I traveled the US and met with coaches from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Williams, Amherst, Brown, Emory and several other top schools. Not for football, basketball or baseball.
It’s an interesting process. For the most part top schools don’t really care too much about sports, but they do care about “development” i.e. potential future donors/donations, i.e. money. So while they do look for good athletes, the kids on many of the teams tend to share very similar, let’s say, family financial and educational backgrounds. They are also, not surprisingly, almost entirely full pay students. That doesn’t happpen by accident.
I found there’s a lot of unwritten and unspoken things involved with the legal “backdoors” or “side doors” to the very top schools. To do it legally takes a pretty good measure of athletic talent and accomplishment, very high academic numbers and a good deal of resources to get it done.
My nephew rowed varsity for 4 years @ Yale, not only did it not have anything to do w his admission but no scholarship either. He was already admitted and met the coach during orientation week and invited to try out. He was a super HS athlete, (all-state swimmer, stand-out baseball player), but did not even try to use athletics to get into college. I met many of the other crew parents at a meet, they all seemed rich. One team mate was on the British National team, maybe he was a recruit. I never asked.

He was definitely a full pay student and fwiw, no legacy. No one in my family had ever gone to Yale. I would say that going to a school like that opens up incredible connections that follow you through life as well as it's a top tier education.

His younger brother, also an all-state swimmer, goes to Notre Dame. I foolishly asked my sister whether he would try to swim, she said that he could never make the team. He plays intramural water polo, studies and goes to football games. Having the time of his life.

I don't know how these dumb kids, (one had a 1000 SAT score), could survive in college classes. I went to the University of Minnesota 40 years ago and the classes were usually fairly challenging. Even theatre classes, which someone made a joke about, required reading Shakespeare and Moliere and writing analysis once in a while.
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