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Classic Retrofit Electric A/C on Turbo

Are there any 930 or 911 turbo owners who have installed Classic Retrofit electric A/C?

I thought I'd give a heads up that I installed Classic Retrofit electric A/C last summer. On of the previous owner of my 930 removed all A/C related components so I decided to try the electric A/C. I knew it may not be as cold as Rawknees but I figured it's better than no A/C. The install took me about a 6 weeks working couple hours a night almost every day.

The hardest part is figuring how to install the condenser in the left rear wheel well using custom made brackets (formed aluminum double angle and steel Z-shaped) brackets. The condenser was designed to fit in the left front fender but I have an oil cooler there. I'm sorry to say that I did not take photos of each step/progress since I was going by trial and error. Also had to figure out the routing of the A/C hoses which was not too difficult. There were several two steps forward then one/two steps back installing the kit. For instance the initial fitting of the rear condenser would not work once I tried to install the hose fittings so I had to relocate the condenser (remaking and/or modifying the brackets). The 2nd time the condenser was too close to the rear tire. The 3rd time finally worked. The rear part of a condenser is really close to the rear tire (around 1/2" clearance) which concerned me but it cleared fine when I tested the clearance with rear coil over shock and sway bar removed moving the left rear wheel full range up and down.

The second hardest part is installing the blower/evaporator box and its duct hoses especially in the area of the brake booster. I bent several tangs used for original blower cover which cannot be used anyway which helped installing the blower/evaporator box. I had to remove and reinstall blower/evaporator box several times for different reasons (i.e. figuring out how much to cut away a small portion of the steering column cover and trial fitting A/C drain hoses, measure length of A/C hoses and installing A/C fitting, etc).

The other challenging part for me was the electrical wiring which I hate to do but took my time researching which wire goes where and to label the wiring. I decided to place the A/C controller button in the area of existing hazard/rear defroster buttons and deleted the unused A/C controller and fan switch on the center panel.

Installing the A/C compressor and drier in the smugglers box was easy relative to above challenges.

After all A/C fittings were installed and electrical work completed it was ready run the program via a laptop and supplied A/C electrical cable using a "Putty" program per Classic Retrofit's instructions which was straight forward. Once that's done then the A/C system is ready for leak test (pressured the system with nitrogen up to 150 psi then check for holding pressure for 30 min or so). Then it's ready for charging with R134a by weight (after pulling vacuum for several hours to pull any moisture).

The resulting vent temp is around 45deg F with outside temp around the low 90's. This is with the outside intake vent (behind the front trunk) about 1/3 open using supplied vent gasket. Since then I closed off the rest of the vent using thin plastic sheet which lowered the vent temp. I have not measured the latest vent temp yet but will do that sometime (I just rather enjoy driving!).

I'm glad I installed this A/C kit and now my wife would go for a cruise with me during the summer months which she did not before for the past 10 years without A/C. Late last summer we went to Eureka Springs for our weekend getaway the only time she complained about being too hot was when we are not in our car going for a walk downtown!

Here are several photos of the install. Go ahead ask any questions and I'll help anyway I can.

A/C Control Button Closeup

A/C compressor and blower in Front Trunk (99% taken before connecting A/C blower cables)

Rear A/C Condenser Close to Rear Wheel

'87 930

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