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The week after I got the engine out and cleaned up my parents drove out from the midwest to spend some time with us, see our new house, and help with a few projects.

We decided that we wanted to start tackling the living room. Pretty much the entire house, with the exception of the Kitchen and Bathroom had Popcorn ceilings. We had it tested to make sure there was no asbestos, and then when we were sure of that, we started gutting it.

Before fully moving in, we removed the popcorn from the ceilings in both bedrooms. That required sealing off the floor, spraying the ceilings with water from a garden sprayer, and scraping the ceiling. That part wasn't too bad. The hard part was skim coating and refinishing the surface we were left with, which really SUCKED! It was time-consuming having to do multiple coats between drying time.

So when it came to the next popcorn removal project, that gave us the idea to remove the drywall on the ceilings of our living room rather than scraping the popcorn off and skim coating the whole thing. I also had a sneaking suspicion that there was Tongue and Groove under the drywall because you could see it under the eaves on the exterior of the house.

Turns out, I was right on the T&G!


Ironically the best tool for removing the drywall was our heavy-duty grill spatula, solid steel construction, wide, and long for good leverage.


All this occurred the week prior to Luftgekuhlt, which happened to land on my birthday weekend. My wife and I went to Luft in the morning, popped over to a friends house in Silver Lake afterward, and then stopped at an after-party at The Motoring Club to drop my 993 back off.

I hadn't really been driving my 993 much after I put it up for sale so swapping the OZ wheels back on and taking it out to Luft was a real bday treat.

After Party:

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we started back up on house projects, which meant stripping the brown paint off the beams in the living room. After trying stripping vs sanding, we landed on stripping them because we thought it would save time. All in all, it probably would have taken the same amount of time to do it either way but we'll probably sand the beams in the dining room next time around because it needs to be done prior to staining them anyways. This was 14 hours of work over the three day weekend:


With that stuff "done" I was finally able to spend some more time on the Avocado. After cleaning up the engine, I took the heads off to see what sort of damage, if any, had come from water sitting in the cylinders. One cylinder had some surface rust that I'm hoping could be removed during deglazing.

I was also able to see how the heads looked. Not bad, just dirty.

And then I was able to take the cylinders off and split the case! All the bearing were date stamped 1986, so this is the first time the case has been apart. All the bearings looked great and the only one showing *some* wear was the thrust bearing. Overall I'm happy with the condition of the crank, bearings, and most of the engine. Now to decide what's next...

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