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1979 Ford Fairmont, 2.0L 4cyl. with 4 on the floor, govt. beige w/Beige vinyl interior. A bazaar concept -- the ultimate dork mobile. It was mom's but the first car I had to drive. Transportation, yes; Dates, not!

1969 Dodge Sportsman window van, 318 V8 -- oh, the memories. I still grieve the loss of that one! Family purchase used in 1970. became mine in 1982. Party mobile. Mattress fit in the back -- use your imagination : )

1979 Mazda GLC (inherited upon aunt's suicide)
1982 Isuzu I Mark, 4Dr. Diesel -- no power, 50mpg
1970 VW Square Back Loved it for 4 weeks till teh engine blew

1966 Rambler Station wagon. (paid $150). Looked like I drove it out of a junk yard, which was more or less true. One of the most reliable cars I ever had and the quietest smoothes engine. But when the ex and I bought our first house, she was too embarrassed by it to keep it. What would the neighbors think? Had to go.

1969 BMW 1600 (wish I had that one back now that I can afford to restore it)

1984 Plymouth Torizmo, 2.2, Bronze, ugly -- What were they thinking?! What was I thinking?!

1988 Susuki Samuri, Hard top. Remember the rollover scare? Man did I get a great deal on this car because of that! $6000 -- my first new car. Loved it, drove it to death on and off road. Never rolled it (despite some good efforts!). Amazingly well built. Still miss that one, too.

1994 Ford Probe. Decent car, looked pretty good, not a bad driver. Good for single life and apartment dwelling; not so good for hauling building materials for the home renovation project.

1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 2 Dr. Great engine, excellent off road, Hauled several thousand pounds or stone as well as lots of lumber, etc. Driver's side door fell off. American's still need to work on engineering and quality.

1995 Mazda 626 (for the wife) yawn. Very reliable and economical. Never had a problem with it (except a failed alternator).

1973 914 1.7 (now six conversion) aka my therapy. Found it in 1997. Drove by it every day for six months and it didn't move. Left a note on it in 1998, and as expected, starving student who couldn't afford to keep it going. This has been and continues to be the project I've wanted to do for years. Keeps me sane (or not, depending on the problems it gives me).

2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, loaded, my present to myself for getting through grad school. Love it.

2003 VW Passat 1.8T. Surprised my wife with it for our anniversary last year. She loves it, I love it. I don't get to drive it much ("Why do you need to drive my car when you've got your two?!?")

1969 Jauar XKE coup, canary yellow -- this is dad's baby, but will come to me when he can't take care of it any more, someday.

My life as a car.
'73 914-6 3.0SC
'69 Jaguar XKE
'05 Colorado Crew Cab
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