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This is an interesting topic. I wonder if I will be physically able or still here in 20 years so I guess I'm out. However my son just turned 21 and loves a manual. He prefers driving manual on track and is hoping one day to outdrive me in my track car. I have no doubt one day, when they become his and he has the means to keep them he will find a way to enjoy them.

There seems to be a lot of interest and big growth in private track/clubs and vintage racing is ever growing. I think the challenge the thrill and the excitement of the sports car and vintage racing will always have a place. It may be too costly for the common man or dino fuel may have to give way to E85 but I don't see it dying off that abruptly in 20 years. 40 is another story but 20 I still think there will be tracks and ways of driving these cars no matter how far technology takes us.

I'm assuming people will still be playing golf then too but technology can change all of this if we allow it to.

[QUOTE]Tesla are kinda hacks when it comes to building cars. However the Model 3 Performance, which is the sporty version of their cheapest sedan, has performance beyond most sports cars today, and on par with supercars from only a few years ago. Why would you need a sports car when you can get all the performance with none of the drawbacks?/QUOTE]

Honestly? Although the model 3 has some (and I say that lightly) feel to it unlike the Model S with hyperdrive which has none. Either can outperform some supercars but they are just plain transportation and I found numbing to drive unless I mash the pedal and that gets tiring quickly. It is about the connection and interacting with the road and even the PDK cars are amazing but I have no interest and only find it useful in my Macan for driving in traffic.
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