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Lightbulb Slow drain

Dude, using your ohm meter in that way won't help anyone, including the car and the meter. First off, make sure the battery is good. Now, get out your AMP METER (for measuring current) and prepare to hook it between the negative post and the cable. There are two things you must do to get an accurate draw reading: 1)Cycle the key and open/close the door prior to disconnecting the battery. This energizes all the relays/computers/circuits in the car briefly, and only the ones designed to stay on should. Everybody forgets this f@^$#(* step. Remember, you are trying to locate a component which is "sticking" on----you need to energize it first. Oh, and for all you that are wondering, opening and closing the door after the key cycle kills the power window relay which stays active until you open the door, the door switch shuts it off. 2)MOST IMPORTANT: when hooking up the amp meter don't lose the battery connection!!! If you do you just shutdown every component in the car and must repeat step#1. Start your amp meter on the high or 10 amp scale. If it reads 0 or .02, hook up the cable and switch to the low scale or 300mA sacle. 100mA is a tenth of an amp, so half an amp is 500mA which is a lot. A light bulb draws over one amp, a relay is usually 200mA+. You should see no more than 25mA, depending on aftermarket accessories. If more, have an assistant hold your connection, and start to pull fuses and relays. If less than 100mA, start with fuses, if over 200mA, start with relays. And please, never ohm out your battery like that again.
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