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Originally Posted by sugarwood View Post
Well, you got no issues, while Geronimo does. Crapshoot.

Did you see the BAT listing Geronimo won? The 915 was rebuilt and the head studs were checked recently. $8000 recent service.
Turns out the case is warped? How many people are going to be able to check for a warped case? Or even know to look for a warped case?
What does the even mean, and what does that look like? Only some people who have $50,000 in cash to buy a toy are experienced mechanics, most are not.

He spent $40k on the car, and was planning to do some hot rod mods to this car. He is really all about the mods and the hot rods.
Instead, he is looking at $12k to basically get the same car he already has.
So, it is very understandable that he is very disappointed on several levels.
He had a slush budget of $9k, and he's already gone past it.

Unfortunately, Geronimo has now gone out of his comfort zone budget.
The simple fact of owning an old 911 is that you should not buy one unless you can buy two of them in cash set aside for big ticket items like gearbox and head studs, and all the medium and little stuff as well.
Otherwise, owning a vintage car can be a very stressful experience, as we are seeing with Geronimo.

But, the 2014-2018 market got away from him. Unfortunate.
On top of all that, he watched the market get away from him, and finally pulled the trigger in 2018, and now he's looking at a softer market, which adds to the burn.

Even worse, he is now fallen into the trap of being afraid to use the car, since he fears costly repairs.
Spending money on a hobby car should be a positive experience, an investment into an old friend, but that gets tainted when it happens from day one.
I've gotten 5 years of fun out of my car, with no big surprises. If I had to write a check for $12,000, I would not be happy, but it would not affect my life one bit.

He stretched himself, strike one.
He got a big repair bill, strike two.
He is angry and afraid to drive the car, strike three

Worst of all, the car never really met his needs. He does not live near mountain twisties, just flat highways,
so he feels the 200hp SC is underpowered, so his "meet your hero" moment has left him with big bills and underwhelming performance.
Within one one month of buying the car, he started talking about Vipers nad 'Vettes since he got the car.
So, it's also a case of poor research, and buying the wrong car for your tastes/needs. He got sucked into the hero car thing, which is understandable

All this adds up to some major resentment and negativity towards his car. His hero dream car simply did not live up to the childhood hype.
I truly feel bad for Geronimo and I think he should seriously consider selling the car. Get out before a bad situation gets worse.
Once deeply underwater, he will never be able to enjoy the car for what it is. A wise trader knows to take the loss and move on.
But, I suspect, like many, he is not going to want to take a loss on his "investment", so he might be stuck.

I think he will be much happier in a Mustang. And I don't say that to be a dick. I want a track Mustang myself.
Sorry my friend, I went to each car and applied the same techniques I used to inspect and prebuy more than 100 aircraft for customers. I had recommended "Do Not Buy" on aprox 10% of all the planes I inspected, some for corrosion, some for engine problems, some for avionics issues. Some were bought anyway and lived up to their destiny, hangar queens that took far more money than buying a similar version. Nothing in my car prebuy inspections was a crapshoot. Knowing how to tell when a motor/transmisssion has been opened, means I know how to ask for the receipts for the work, and read the invoice to determine what exactly was done. I walked away from 50% of the cars I went to see.
I will say this in simple and plain language, cars are not investments, they are items with a defined life, when it gets more expensive to repair, than buy a similar example, they become spare parts. BTW my '84 911 is my daily, I do have a spare trans (915/67) because I cant have my car down long enough to wait for the rebuild, but when the trans is rebuilt, I will sell the 915/68 installed. Outside of that I have a few switches, spare dizzy(for the same reasons above), and not much else. The krap about these cars being delicate is laughable, I would not hesitate to hop in my car and drive a 1000 miles, with nothing but a full tank of gas and bottle of water. Most of the problems come from lack of use, just like airplanes. I have seen what I call camsicles, rust dripping off of a Lycoming cam from lack of use. My car seems to be happiest when driven daily, everything on the car when delivered, works, except the A/C, that's in the landfill/recycler. Brad Penn every 3000 miles, Swepco in the trans every other year(or when shifting gets wonky), brake fluid flush every year. Outside of those things its just fiddling with systems. The majority of stuff is modifications.
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