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Oh man, what a marathon weekend. My body almost feels like I'm hungover today, probably because I had my head bent over a table for 15+ hours between Saturday and Sunday.

Worth it.

I went from a bare wiring harness to a *nearly* completed loom over the weekend.

Saturday was spent doing the sensor harness: TPS, IAT, 2xCrank sensors, Cam sensor, Cylinder Head temp sensor. It gave me a good opportunity to learn how to do this without the complexity of the multiple junctions the ignition/injection harness needs. ie: sleeve the harness prior to crimping any pins.

Sunday was spent doing the Ignition/Injection harness: 12x Bosch ignition coil connectors, 6x EV1 injector connectors, Signal ground, Power ground.

I used adhesive lined heatshrink over uninsulated crimps where there were junctions from one wire to multiple and had wire straight from the ecu to the connector pins where possible.

Running the twin plug harness took a lot of thought. There are 6 ignition signal wires running from the ECU that are then split into two signals for the top/bottom ignition coil on each cylinder. There are also two sets of power wires running from the relay box, one for the top ignition coils, one for the bottom. Each ignition coil has 4 pins; power, signal ground, ecu signal, power ground. The signal ground went from 6 wires to 1 ring terminal on the rear most fan shroud bolt, the power wires went from 6 to 1x 12 gauge wire to the chassis ground by the front of the transmission.

We'll see how that all works!

What's left on wiring:
  • Wire up the Bussman Relay/Fuse block
  • Run power/ground to/from the battery (10 gauge)
  • Run wire from the ignition switch
  • Rewire fuel pump
  • Ordered 2 extra fuel injector connectors and extra single pin weather pack for Clewett cam sensor signal ground
  • Large heat shrink for various harness junctions
  • Clear Heatshrink for Labeling

I'll work through that list with an eye on getting the car started over next weekend.

So another thing I've had my mind on is break-in and engine oil, which is an endless debate on the Pelican forums. I'm planning to follow the guide in Wayne's book, but damn is that a lot of expensive oil... Here's my tentative plan:
  • Driven BR30 for first 20 minute cam break in, drain
  • Driven BR 15w50 for first round of drives/leaks, drain
  • Driven BR 15w50 for 500 miles, drain
  • Driven GP-1 20w-50 or Driven DT50? Thoughts?

Spending $300-$400 on oil over the first thousand miles seems pretty crazy but after spending this much money on an engine rebuild, seems like reasonable insurance. Is using Driven oil from the beginning a good plan rather than mixing/matching something less expensive?

Am I overthinking this? Thoughts on changing the oil after the first 15-20 miles vs 300-500? When is the best point in time to switch from the BR50 to either GP-1 or DT50?

I'm going to take the engine out today to modify and attach all the engine tins, swap from the GSF 36-1 pulley back to stock (planning to run the motronic sensors with the MS3 Pro), check the harness fitment, and then put it back into the car for the final install before startup...

My first actual project on Saturday was replacing broken bosch plugs with new weatherpack on the two motronic crank sensors:

Then I finished up the sensor harness. I wouldn't recommend doing this project without an automatic wire stripper. $20 and saved hours of time and frustration. I also have a weatherpack and barrel connector crimper.

Reinstalled the harness to rough cut the wires to length, plus create a game plan for the two sets of grounds per ignition plug.

Grounds added:

Passenger side bank of ignition coil connectors. Each connector has 4 pins, 12 ignition coil connectors total means 48 crimps! If you forget to put the boot on first, the seals on second, and then the crimp, you may need to redo some things or lube the boots... Ask me how I know.

Injector harness nearly complete. Needed to order two more EV1 connectors. The extra ones I had used a different crimp style than the new ones I bought.

I took a break for dinner last night and then did the last six ignition coils and cam sensor plug in the comfort of my living room rather than standing in the garage:

This whole wiring harness looks like an absolute mess of wires until you start to separate and put loom on them. Once you start doing that it starts to take shape. This was one of the most rewarding and mentally consuming automotive projects I've ever done (although this whole thing seems to feel that way). Thanks to chrisbalich for the additional knowledge and motivation on this.

I really hope this works
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