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Originally Posted by ADDvanced View Post
1. Aren't you selling this car? I saw you're trying to ditch it to get a different shell on the classifieds?
I kinda have a case of automotive ADD. In my head, I'm on a journey to build the ultimate 911, whatever that may be for me. In CA I do have to contend with smog unless you have a chassis that is 1975 or older and that has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. There is an abandoned/unfinished long hood project that I was/am interested in picking up so I posted a feeler for the avocado to see if I could realistically swap the two. At this point, I'm not sure what I want to do. I love everything about this car and doing all this work to get it this far is pretty exhausting. Idk why I'd consider immediately jumping into another project

Originally Posted by chrisbalich View Post
Gabe, your harness looks better than mine. :/

And I ran Rotella dino 15-40 for my cam break-in. It's coming out in the next week for another round of Rotella dino 15-40 for tuning and initial miles. I figure $45 for 2.5 gallons of oil that isn't going to last a month is money well spent that I don't have to feel bad about dumping.
Once my tune is sorted, I'll switch to 'proper' oil.
Haha, as long as the damn thing works, that's what's important to me. Making it look pretty just seemed like the right thing to do, although the Raychem DR25 sleeve makes it more difficult to add additional wires later. I'd consider adding IAC, oil pressure, oil temp, and fuel pressure so that the ECU can read/do things with that data.

Originally Posted by paul_howey View Post
Man, this is inspiring to see what can be done in a home garage when you have the skills... Bravo!

I also work from home but still have been adjusting to the stay-at-home orders. I've been spending my free time in the garage lately and I really thought I was getting some stuff done on my projects until I stumbled across this thread lol...

Can't wait to see your 911 on the streets here in LA. The color is sick.
Haha! Any progress is good progress no matter how large or little it is. It agonizes me to have this car sitting in my garage and it being undrivable but I'm trying to do as much of it *right* as I can right now rather than needing to redo things later. Inevitably there will be updates to make along the way, but that's ok too.

Originally Posted by $yncro View Post
Wow! You got some mad skills..Iím pretty stoked for you.
Great work!

Originally Posted by ADDvanced View Post

That seems insane to me to buy expensive oil for a break in. I would get the CHEAPEST ****tiest 20w50 from Oreillys for such a task. Think of it this way: Expensive oil is NOT going to make a difference on your engine blowing up or not. For a break in, all it needs to do is be there and get dirty and drained out. Once you drain it out, I will probably run Valvoline VR1 since it's supposedly good on motorcycles and other aircooled engines where high temps can break it down. Pretty sure VR1 has a lot of zinc and other anti wear additives as well. I'm no expert so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think expensive oil for a break in is a giant waste of money.
Originally Posted by DaddyGlenn View Post
I think you are right to invest in good oil for break in. The Driven oils are very high in zinc and other anti-wear agents that will get embedded in the metal as you break in the engine.

Granted, it is a different engine, but the advice I got for my 944 track car was to use the BR50 for cam break in and initial run, no more than a couple hours or 200 miles. Then shift to Driven XP4 for remaining engine break in with 500 mile oil change intervals. Once broken in, run Driven HR1 at 3,000 mile (or in my case 100 lap) intervals.
Originally Posted by ADDvanced View Post
You can get ZDDP additive for around $8 and most parts stores. I run it in my older cars, along w Rotella.
Thanks for your oil thoughts, everyone!

I ordered the Driven oil yesterday morning so I'm going down that path, even it if it's a bit more expensive. It came down to the fact that draining the entire oil system on a 911 is nearly impossible to do so there will be residual oil left over during each oil change. Having that all be the same brand/type from the beginning seems like a valuable insurance policy for a completely fresh build. You may be right that the initial 20 minute cam break in can be done with something super cheap, but to reduce my chances of messing something up, it was worth an additional $40 or so to get the right stuff.

I think I'm pretty good at finding deals and I ended up ordering the Driven oils from here:
They don't have the DT-50 but seem to have most of the BR, HR, XP, and GP-1.

The only thing I'm rethinking is that I should have gone with the GP-1 break in oil from the beginning rather than the BR30. Oh well, I'm sure it will be fine.
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