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Originally Posted by Gabe. View Post
Haha! Any progress is good progress no matter how large or little it is. It agonizes me to have this car sitting in my garage and it being undrivable but I'm trying to do as much of it *right* as I can right now rather than needing to redo things later. Inevitably there will be updates to make along the way, but that's ok too.
Agreed! I will say the paint and body result you were able to achieve considering the starting point is extremely impressive. Not saying everything else isn't impressive (it really is) but that really got me as I wouldn't even know where to start with a project like that.

Originally Posted by ADDvanced View Post
Man, for as cool is cali is w car culture, they sure mess it all up w emissions. 75 or older? So technically my 77 would need to pass smog? Lol. That would never ever happen. Ever. Even when new, lol.
Originally Posted by Gabe. View Post
Lol, I know. It's a constant battle. They should really move back to the 25 year old rule. Most cars on the road that are daily driven are not classics.

Your 77 would have to pass smog with whatever requirements a 1977 911 had back in the day. My friend had a 1976 that didn't even come with cats from the factory, no idea what that would even look like bringing that to a smog shop out here.
A quick note here; I would highly recommend looking into Historic or Collector car registration. Yes, 1976+ historic/collector cars are still required to pass smog (sniffer) but they are exempt from visual inspection. Visual is where most of us get held up because the cat is missing, emissions equipment has been removed or a different year emissions equipment is being used, etc. As long as you pass the sniffer test (which isn't difficult) you are good to go.

Personally, my 3.2 is just running a pre-muffler and factory emissions equipment so I just need to swap the cat back for inspection. Yes, it's annoying but I'm not moving from CA over it lol...
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