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One tip. My bike was in the shop for other maintenance, and I had the mechanic install a lithium battery at the same. Both the mechanic and the battery company recommended a 12-cell, 360 CA battery as a suitable replacement.

My bike has always been a hard starter, sometimes taking two or three 4-5 sec. tries. This coupled with letting it sit for a month was enough to exceed the new battery's capacity. Was able to recharge it and get the bike running, but that wasn't what I expected out of a lithium battery - long spells of inattention should have little or no effect (the only drain was the LCD clock).

I did some more research and read through a good (lengthy) thread on the ADV site, and bottom line is that lithium batteries have good initial current capacity but their ability to supply it diminishes a lot faster than AGM or lead-acid batteries. So the CA or CCA ratings listed for lithium doesn't exactly equate to standard batteries. This was confirmed by the battery company I bought mine from (in a round-about way without directly admitting to recommending a too-small battery - they spoke more of lithium's lack of reserve power vs. standard batteries.)

To fix my problem, I bought a 16-cell, 480 CA battery from the same company and have been very happy with it going on two years. The bike has sat for almost two months and started right up. Have not had a charger on it.

The battery in your Aliexpress link lists "20 Ah CCA 560h". I didn't find much consistency on ratings when trying to compare brands, but read that the output is based on the number of cells, like a-cell-is-a-cell-is-a-cell. Likewise, case size would be somewhat dependent on cell count. The one you list is larger than mine, plus the 560h (if equatable) is bigger, so sounds pretty safe. You may want to confirm the height will work. Mine at 130mm high is close (2004 w/ABS).
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