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For $100 plus your (or someone else's) labor, you can replace it.

JGPORSCHE gave one method to fix it, by bending one of the three fingers that hold the contacts. Those thin fingers are tough to bend accurately.

I fixed mine a different way. Remove the steering wheel and the top and bottom shrouds to expose the turn signal. Look at the left side. You will see three thin vertical "fingers" with contacts at the top ends -- these are closely but evenly spaced on the left of the view.

To the right is a much thicker vertical bar (perhaps 1/16" thick), and touching that bar on its right side (towards the driver) is a small square bar (about 1/8" square in the end view you have. Watch this thicker bar as you operate the light switch into the "flash position" -- the square bar pushes the thick vertical bar to the left, flashing the headlights. Now look at the contact patch between the square bar and the thick vertical piece. You will find that it is probably worn -- mine was, and that was causing the "mind of its own" flashing of the headlights when I hit a bump.

If this contact is worn enough, it allows the vertical bar to move slightly to the RIGHT, which will tend to activate the headlights. It does not have to move very far, since the clearances between the thin fingers is so small.

Get some aluminum foil from the kitchen. I used the thicker of two boxes my wife keeps on hand. Cut a piece about 1" by 1/2". Fold this into a rectangle 1/4" by 1/2". Wedge this between the square bar and the thicker vertical bar, thereby moving the vertical bar to the left (away from the driver) by the thickness of your folded aluminum foil.

Works quite well. My worry would be that the foil might slip out, so I l am leaving the shrouds off for a while until I am satisfied that the foil will stay in place. If it moves, I will clean the contact area and glue it in place.

Beats $100 plus the arduous replacement. I am much too big -- and old -- to work upside down under the dash.
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