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some time ago a guy listed a red 74 carrera on E-bay. the pictures made it look like a new car and all the things the guy wrote about the car made it sound just as good, since it was here in I drove over to look at it . the address was over on san fernando road in sunland when I saw where it was located at I knew it was at one of those bone yards out there but I decided to go look anyway. when I drove up I could see the car sitting behind the fence so I just went over and started looking at the car, what a junk heap, rusted, cheap quick paint job and it smelled liked something died in it, after about ten minutes this short, fat,hairy little guy with a big cigar sticking out of his mouth comes out of a little office and looks at me and says.... isn't she a beauty.

need I say more

the car sold for 13.500.00 to someone in FL. I'm sure the buyer wasn't going to be happy

two years ago in Dec. a guy puts up what he says is a 74 euro carrera the pics look good and the Description sound to good to be true (this was the first hint) and the guy only lived two miles from my house, so of course I had to go see this one, so I drive over and there it is , what a P.O.S. the paint was dull the doors didn't close worth a dam the interior was shot and it didn't have a factory duck tail, these were the first things I noticed , but hey if it was a real 74 euro carrera at the price it was going for it would still be a bargin so I opened the trunk and checked the vin # I brought a book with me to make sure of the numbers , well you guessed it it's not a euro carrera it's not even a US carrera it's an S that someone made up, so I told the seller and showed him in the book that it wasn't what he had advertised and I told him he had better change his ad or someone was going to be very mad if they drove a long way or even flys in to see this car, I asked him where he got all the info. on the euro carrera and why he thought it was a euro carrera he told me he got the info. of the web and as for the euro part he said well it was made in germany , the guy was really more of a kid I don't think he could have been more than about 19, so for three days I watch this ad the seller makes no changes and the bidding keeps going up, when I was there I asked the seller what the reserve was and he told me 12,500 the bidding was getting close to hitting the reserve so I decided to e-mail the high bidders, I told them that I had gone to see the car and it wasn't a euro carrera but that they should check with the seller and get the vin number and check it out, two of them e-mailed me thanking me for the info. but as people on e-bay do a last second bidder hit the reserve, well I had e-mailed the other guys so why not the winner, it turns out the winner was in sacremento and was getting ready to set up a ppi which would have cost him some money I gave him my phone number and he called me and in talking to him I found out we had meet at a swapmeet in rancho cordova some months earler anyway I found out later that the kids father was the one that built the car and the kid knew all the time that it wasn't a euro carrera he was just out to scam someone.

the web is the wild wild west it's not E-bays fault that people are cheats it just makes it easy to take adavntage of someone thats thousands of miles away.

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