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Thanks guys! I'm still making a list of everything that will need to be done, like any new vehicle. Trying to take it slow until I'm up the learning curve a bit.

The paint is not original, but it is a BMW Color, I think Iceland Green, an early '90s color. Original color of the bike we think was Schwartz but the paint code sticker on the rear fender is long gone.

Must resist. . . temptation to. . . CONCOURS the bike! It's going to be parked on the street in NYC, it WILL get damaged. My priorities are safety, security then appearance and if I never get to the last one it won't be the end of the world.

@Otto-- the 90S sounds like a sweet bike, did you see the video where Max BMW rebuilt a complete new one from parts? Everything but the swingarm and four other tiny parts . . . cost them $46k!

Thanks for the leakdown photo, is that a roll-your-own tester? Looks like the inlet pressure is 85 and the cylinder pressure is 82, for 3.5% leakdown, very nice. Mine has an orifice and the right gauge shows you the percentage leakdown so no math to do. Very cool.

Yep this bike has Nikasil cylinders, the Factory went to that in 1981. As Denis says above there were dozens of improvements to the R65 from 9/80 onward (start of 81 model year after the August break). These include:

Brembo caliper instead of Ate (mine has dual Ate, which was stock)
Nikasil Cylinders instead of "Alloy with Cast Iron Liner" what we would call "Biral" in Porsche-land
Dome Top Bings with slide return spring for snappier throttle response
Flat air filter with tuned induction horns instead of round filter
Choke lever on the handlebars instead of on the filter housing (engine left side)
Different seat
Final Drive with 350cc oil capacity instead of 250cc
Greater oil capacity- 2.5l up from 2.25l
Larger valves-- 40mm Intake, 36mm Exhaust, hard valve seats for Unleaded fuel
Hall-Effect Transistorized ignition with single, dual output 1.5 ohm coil (charges faster)
Lighter flywheel (really a "clutch carrier"
Electronic voltage regulator

And a few other minor differences. Nothing huge, and a '79 would have been fine, it's more about condition than specification for what I'm using it for.

To your point about having the bottom end professionally built. . . I have been reading everywhere that installing the crank bearing in the bearing carrier is a difficult job that should only be attempted by experts. Which I don't really understand, I've read the procedure in the Factory manual and looked at a few bearing carriers-- seems like you just heat the carrier, push out the old bearing with a press, press in the new one then drill and deburr radial holes of a certain size through it, guided by the existing oil passages in the carrier, then drill a hole for the pin and ream that hole to a taper, insert the pin and stake the edges over and you're good. Compared to building a 911 engine that's pretty easy. What am I missing?

Will keep the group posted as new parts roll in.
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