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Question for the mechanics about oil analysis

If you haven't viewed my thread about my son's problem with his Veloster here's a brief breakdown.
The catalytic converter failed at 39000 miles which, from a best guess, caused backpressure on the engine causing the engine to spin a bearing causing a knocking sound. Same issue happened again 9000 miles later only the knock isn't as bad as the first time. No CEL when the cat fails and no stored codes. There was no knocking sound prior to the cat failure but there is noticeably a knock in the engine now that really shows up as the engine gets warm and the oil warms up.

I'm trying to figure out what is causing the cat failure and if it has spun a bearing again. I'm considering having a full engine oil analysis done but I'm not sure it will tell me what I want to know. My thinking is, if there is a spun bearing or cylinder damage due to the back pressure, higher amounts of metals and carbon from the back pressure would show up in the oil along with possibly fuel.

What does the PP brain trust say? Would this be a good first step in determining what happened and possibly what's causing the cat to melt down? I know in heavy equipment when there is an engine issue, the first thing they do is send out oil for analysis.
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