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Originally posted by dd74
So what's your point, Denis, other than stating the obvious:

300 hp verses below 200, wider wheel tracks than 911s 20 years earlier - of course it should "theoretically" mop up the earlier car. But in the end, who cares?

A Ford Fairmont driven by Boris Said can mop up a moron in any 911 who "thinks" he can drive.

As for me, I don't define performance with weight, cruise control, air conditioning, leather seats and a whole lot of other crap found on new 996s or whatever they are.

Like I said if you read my post: Lotus Elise or GT-3. That's my definition of performance.

Lastly, performance isn't always defined by speed and track times. Aesthetics play their role too.
I was refering to any and all 911s that came before (the 996), not just the ones "20 years earlier". And there is nothing "theoretical" about it, it can be measured. And buyers care, new Porsches have sold like hot cakes, do you have any idea what Porsche's 911 sales figures were in the years before they modernised the car? In the late '80s and early '90s they were somewhere near Alfa Romeo in this country. Try finding an Alfa dealer in your neighborhood. That would be one of my "points".

My other point would be the habit of people to revise history in regards to what a 911 is, and what it has always been. And it's not just you, David, it is very common around here. My 1982 has cruise, leather, A/C, it's heavy by 1982 standards, etc., etc... The purpose and type of car that a 911 is has never changed since 1965! They have always been luxurious, overweight, (by the standards of the time), extremely well-built and expensive sports/GT cars, (as opposed to pure sports cars), with performance that competes directly w/ pure sports cars and wins! Just like a 996!

Short history lesson: In 1969 a person could walk into the dealer and buy a brand new '69 911S with power windows, electric sunroof, leather, (since when is leather extra heavy?), air conditioning, a heavy semi-automatic transmission, and choose from a list of other options as long as your arm. Most people did not choose the sport-o-matic, but the point is that most all 911s were ordered with lots of luxury options. If not, it was for cost considerations, nothing to do w/ weight considerations 99% of the time. A 911 of this era was considered an absolute whale @ ~2500 lbs., compared to the sub-2000 lb. competitors such as Triumph, MG, Lotus, Alfa, etc.... In fact, auto journalists routinely marveled at the handling performance in spite of the lard.

Lastly, aesthetics, while important, have nothing to do w/ performance. I could put a sewing machine under my hood in place of the engine and the car would be just as beautiful. (And probably convince someone on ebay that it's an upgrade!).
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