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Part 6: Interior

Barring any other small engine-bay issues/projects that may pop up, that leaves the undercarriage as the final outstanding component of part 5. I'll circle back to that in the coming days; but in the meantime, the real action is on the interior front.

On Sunday I set off due East, to pfarah's, where I met the tinkerer himself, picked up a back-up dashboard, a treasure trove of valuable information, and a couple of essential detail bits for the engine-bay:

Oh yeah, and these:

OEM optional Recaro sport seats, woohoo! These are the correct early 944 sport seats that were also shared with the 911. Thanks to Patrick, this Porsche's interior will soon offer much more supportive places for arses. The leather on these is toast, but the foam is great, so with a new set of covers, we'll be in business. For comparison's sake, I popped in the passenger seat, sat down, and imagined that fresh leather smell

Aside from the seats, the dashboard represents the obvious weak link. Hence the "core" dash from Patrick. My plan was to fix up this core, a la John's refurbishment (I can only hope to achieve his results), and then sell, either fixed up or original, my old dash.

Those plans evolved when I stumbled upon yet another CL posting: "Porsche 944 parts," the ad said. Ok, I'll bite. Turns out, a gentleman was cleaning out his storage unit. A few years back, his son had a 944 that he was fixing up, and parts accumulated for the build. Son moved out, got busy with life, sold the Porsche, and left said parts with dad. The ad had a picture of a pile of interior stuff, including what looked like a decent early dash, a full exhaust, a 951 front bumper, carpeted door cards, and some other random interior bits for a good all-in price. Off I went, to claim the hoarde. The dash proved to be in quite good nick, with only a few cracks by the vents. It'll make a great fall-back, in case my refinished project dash doesn't pass muster. Score!

Most of the stuff in this attic pic will be up for sale. No, there is no 951 front end conversion planned, so don't get any ideas!

Since front seats are now getting the royal treatment, and a plan is in place - including an acceptable backup plan - for the dashboard situation, all other spaces must now meet, or exceed. The back seat is sun-bleached and cracked on top. The early sun visors were flimsy when new, and are downright floppy today, precariously held in by cracked clips (scroll back up to the installed seat pic to see the new goods, installed... couldn't wait!). Even the gauges, which were protected from direct sun, felt the heat over the years, with visible cracks in the poly. The clutch and brake pedals also show their age, and the plastic shifter insert is warped, high on the back side. Again, once you refresh one, be prepared to go all in.

I found a nice rear seat right here on these boards, (thanks, 87roadracer!), and made a great local connection along the way. eBay was the source for a fresh-looking set of late sun visors, and a pristine trio of early gauges. Pelican Parts supplied a new pair of OEM replacement visor clips, new brake and clutch pedals, and a blingy shifter insert. Fast shipping, per usual.

With these parts laying in wait (and a few necessaries already installed), I'll get the ball rolling on replacement leather for the Recaros, and break out the creeper for Portia's forthcoming undercarriage tickle-fest. Much more to come...
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