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Originally posted by BGCarrera32
Why in the world do you think there's MoTec and TEC 3? Because if ya wanna capitalize on your mechanical mods, you better compliment it in the stuff that controls the engine. All Steve Wong's chips do is make some adjustments to exploit or capitalize on what's been done to your engine, something that obviously couldn't have be done at the factory since your engine is no longer factory after your mods. Get it? The chips are also way cheaper than the aftermarket engine modification systems, provided the legwork has been done by the chip manufacturer to understand what can be adjusted. Now the 20-30 hp are gains are largely BS- I'll agree with that, but I never saw where Steve Wong promised that, or where that nonsense got started.

And Embs, because you wasted cash on a chip that didn't work out for you, doesn't mean its the hard and fast rule.

As for Lorenfb, I've said in the past he makes some good points about the dyno information, I don't necessarily disagree with everything he says. But the abrasive nature of his posts has rubbed myself and others the wrong way.


Your comparing aftermarket chips with Motec Engine management? Please that is like comparing Andial with Motor Meister. The only aftermarket chip that is worth a dime is the one that is developed with and for your specific engine with your specific mods, only after lots of testing... period. Everything else is just guesswork, what else could it be. But hey it's YOUR money.

I wasn't just talking chips when I spoke of my money squandering of the past for promised HP. I have purchased "snake oil" from everyone this side of the Eram!

As far as the abrasive nature of someones past posts, I welcome the facts, 80 grit.
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