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Originally Posted by pfarah View Post
Great work on both cars! I didn't know that there was an 1.8L 6cyl...
Thank you. One step at a time, right?

The six in this thing really is a one-off. Automotive tax externalities usually bring down the industry, from a hobby standpoint, but maybe not this time. Have a listen to the sounds it makes... something like half of a Ferrari V12??

Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But it does sound pretty good.

Originally Posted by Fast Freddy 944 View Post
Not to shabby! Love those Rims!
Thank you, Freddy! The wheels are my favorite part of the car

Originally Posted by mazdaverx7 View Post
I haven't seen an MX-3 on the road in years!!! That one is a great find!!! All original and not modified! The perfect candidate for a restoration. I suspect the value is in the originality. That will be a fun car to own and enjoy! Nice job on picking it up!

Also wanted to follow up and ask if you saved the bag that contains the part number for the sticker you got that shows the plug wire arrangement. I would love to buy a few and keep them for my current and future restorations but I have been unsuccessful in finding the part number.

The fresh paint on the muffler looks great! It really cleaned up nicely!
You're telling me. The last one I saw was probably five years ago. And it was probably this one! It's proof that there are survivors out there. The previous owners loved the car, and had good memories associated with it, so it stuck around. I just got lucky, and came across it at the right time.

The sticker is an accurate reproduction from pfarah's collection. Shoot him a PM and maybe he can tell you where he got them, as I know there were a few different ones available. He might be able to help you out! This reminds me, I have to get a color sticker for behind the driver's strut housing...

And re: the muffler, thank you! The old rattle can goes a long way. They were black from the factory, so I'm all for it. The muffler was a local score, and was very clean to start with, so I didn't have to do much aside from a quick brush-down. I have yet to see if it's functional, however!!

Originally Posted by OK-944 View Post
Nice work...on both cars!

Question: What did you use for wire wrap?
Thanks man! A labor of love!

Electrical tape and/or cloth loom wire wrap, and zip ties. 50/50 rubbing alcohol/water to wipe stuff down. Anything that looked suspect, or tired, was re-insulated.

Originally Posted by jjeffries View Post
Very, very cool.

Mazda has always been an interesting and independently-minded company.

Mazda was doing some seriously cool stuff back then. In the early 90's they had quite the engine lineup. You could get a sequentially twin-turbocharged (or NA) rotary, a Miller-cycle V6, the tiny K8 V6, or, if you were feeling bland, a 1.6 liter inline four. Among others, they had the Miata, RX-7, Millenia, and this little MX-3 to market, aside from their main offerings, the 3 and 6. So it's no wonder, as a small company, that they weren't able to get the word out enough to compete with the big boys. They were sure great cars, though.
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