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Originally posted by Beethoven
Chuck, can you elaborate on "steering with the throttle"? Is that to induce oversteer to whip around corners?
Oversteer happens when the slip angle of the rear tires is greater than the slip angle of the front tires. Note that slip angle has nothing to do with slipping or loss of traction. It is the difference between the direction the wheel is pointed and the direction the wheel is traveling. Flex and distortion of the tires ensures these are not the same in a turn.

Rolling on the throttle causes weight transfer to the rear. More weight on the rear reduces the slip angle of those tires and reduces oversteer. Ease off the throttle, rear slip angle increases and you have more oversteer. The extreme example is the feared lift-throttle-oversteer.

Masraum, oversteer is not about showboating or loss of control. We are not talking about loss of traction or spinning the tires. A 911 operating at the cornering limit is doing a careful balancing act that is all about controlling oversteer with the throttle.

The street is no place to experiment with this. Check out a high performance driving school with good instruction. Be warned, it's likely to start an expensive addiction.
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