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Maybe this assessment should be amended to be specific to "aircooled 911 owners." I doubt the guys driving 2018 911s are like this. Maybe they're dicks for other reasons, but I doubt they are self-righteous car minutiae.

Also, is it just 911 guys who have this level of dickbaggery? I can't think of any other car that engenders this level of A-hole-ness in its owners. Every other car has its share of fans and posters who are simply stupid, ill-informed, clueless, or wrong, but none that I am aware of has this many self-righteous jerks. The vast majority of Porsche vehicles ever sold are not air-cooled 911s. Think about it. Porsche has sold far more 924, 944, 928, 914, Cayenne, Cayman, Boxster, Macan, and Panamera cars than they ever sold of the air-cooled 911 over its entire production run. The company has spent the bulk of its history, and made most of its money, selling things other than the one true Porsche. I don't know the exact numbers but I'd guess it's something like 20 to 1.

For future reference:
5 years ago, when someone would ask about a 996, they would be met with a barrage of "water pumper" name callling, not a real Porsche. 5 years later, I rarely hear this anymore. Have the last of the old codgers died off? Have they changed their tune and decided that the new cars are superior? What has changed? In 2019, if someone yelled "water pumper!" at someone in a 997 or 991, that'd just look foolish.

It's ironic that the purists used to scoff at the 996 as a "fake" 911, yet their biggest gripe was of the cheap plastic interior.
Yet, a purist driver would not give a damn about the interior. A race car does not even have an interior. Funny contradiction.

The other thing is that at track days, there are barely any air-cooled cars anymore.
There are tons of "water-pumper" Porsches like 996 & Boxster.
Water pumper to air cooled is like 10 or 20 to 1, at this point.

Anyone yelling water pumper now looks silly and clueless,
since "real" air-cooled Porsches are most often gathering dust,
while the "water pumpers" are out on the track, where they belong.

The VW Beetle is also visceral and full of "soul".
Rear engine sweetness singing behind your head, no radio needed.
Only $3k instead of $30k !

You are a real driver out there not stroking the dash and counting cup holders.

LOL, yes !!
Interior too bare bones? Whining about cheap interior and no cup holders.
Interior too nice? Whining about too many features and loss of the purist driver's car.

What a great example of car guys being petulant hypocrites who don't even know what they want.

Car guys are fools.
That is the answer to all car guy paradoxes.
1986 Bosch Icon Wipers coupe.

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