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I'm doing another autocross on Sunday (tomorrow) and I have been working on a handful of changes/upgrades based on my experience from the last one:
  1. One of the rear tires was mounted backwards and I didn't notice it until that day. Need to flip it and rotate tires. This is DONE.
  2. I didn't have the center console bolted down and it flopping around was really distracting. This is also DONE
  3. Sticky brake pedal. I'm still working through this one. It has a new master cylinder, rebuilt front calipers, rebuilt pedal cluster, and new pads/rotors. Have any of you experienced something like this? It's possible that my caliper rebuild wasn't perfect but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I may pull off the brake booster and cast aluminum piece to see if any of those bushings are messed up or something is hung up. I'll check this out TODAY.
  4. Get a bucket seat. I picked up a Recaro Pole Position. Holy Ship has that made a huge difference in the canyon runs I've done since I installed it last weekend. This is DONE.
  5. Upgrade the bellcrank/throttle return spring and resync the carbs. It's had a high idle due to the 2/3 and 4/5 throttle plates not fully closing. I swapped on a new return spring yesterday and am planning to resync the throttles in a bit.

I picked the seat up for $800 off of Facebook Marketplace. It's two years old and came with the Recaro sidemounts, Recaro sliders, and a Planted bracket. The bracket was for a Subaru but the base plate actually mounts directly to the 74-98 seat rails once you cut the Subbie tabs off of it.

Based on my inaccurate scale (my arms) it seems to weigh about half as much even with the planted bracket. I could do away with that massive Planted steel bracket by getting the RS seat belt bracket but this works for now.

In the car it sits at the right height, a little lower than the stock seat, and is tilted back at the right amount.

I had a long break between meetings on Thursday so I cruised the Malibu canyons for the second time in a week. My impressions of the Pole Position are as follows: the fitment is pretty good. I have a narrow waist and wide shoulders. The waist is comfortable and not too snug but the shoulders are a little tight. I'm 5'7" 150 lbs with a 30 waist for reference. Driving in the canyons with this seat is ****** unbelievable. I had no idea what a difference it would make not having to grab onto the steering wheel and have my knee braced against the door card. I am quite a bit quicker and confident in my usual route because of this. It feels like one of the largest differences I've made to the car in terms of giving me confidence in what I can feel the car doing and not having my mind on not sliding out of the seat (which it never really was but I had no idea the difference until now).

Until next time!
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