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This is classic. The exact scenario has played out as expected and predicted by Jeremy. Loren has an opinion that most, if not all, find incorrect and invalid and then everyone provides evidence so Loren will really stop believing that the landing on the moon was staged by the government. So, to recap:

Loren thinks chips suck, don't work and that chips provide "insignificant performance gains." I know, I know, I know.... The US government captured some aliens when their spaceship crashed in New Mexico and they are currently being held at Area 51 in a special hanger.

Then the people chime in:

1. The guy who makes the chip stands by it and gives a no question, no worry money back guarantee of his product. (Sounds pretty safe so far);
2. There have been no reported engine damage issues by the members who have used the non-factory chip. (Sounds like the engine is happy too)
3. The opinions of those who have installed the non-factory chip are that they have realized a performance gain following its install. (sounds like those crazy uninformed Porche guys are happy too).
4. A well respected member of this BB thinks that the only reasonable explanation for performance enhancing numbers in a dyno run (following re-chipping) is, you guessed it, from the chip.
5. The governing body who controls the standardized racing of Porsche cars requires a car that is to be classified in its factory stock condition to have a factory DME chip. The purpose of the racing classes are to maintain the performance integrity of the cars in each of the designated classes. The would mean that PCA wants cars that are similarly equipped and performing to race together. Sounds fair to me. Thus, according to those wacky guys at PCA, a car with a non-factory DME chip have to move up one class from their stock class, to race with the cars in a "prepared" class. Sounds to me that PCA actually thinks that re-chipping a car is .... YOU GUESSED IT, a performance enhancement. In fact, they had the nerve to put it as the first criteria under engine changes, with other major fuel/air delievery changes. I wonder why they think non-factory DME chips give an advantage over stock equipped cars? (Sounds like some grassy knoll/JFK conspiracy stuff to me). You know, they might be on to something over there at PCA. Maybe a change in the air metering/flow works too? Interesting. How does that whole gasoline combustion engine thing work again? Air+fuel+spark= you go faster than by horse. I wonder if the air variable or the fuel variable was changed/modified/tweeked if there could be an increase in the.... drumroll please... number of equines that resulted?

Loren, this subject is not new or novel by any means. Many makes of automobiles benefit from fuel chip remapping. Factory engineers have to balance concerns that we owners do not. Fuel efficiency, emissions etc. As a result, lots and lots of companies make non-factory chips to exploits areas that the factory chose not too (agreed some work, some dont, depends on the programming of the chip, mods to the car etc).

Many people know that cars that are equipped with EFI have a stock fuel mapping chip that the factory programs with certain conditions in mind. As such, the 911 chip was not programmed with the intention that an instruction to the end user was to only use 93 octane fuel in the car. In fact, many 911 owners did not (and still dont) have access to such an octane rating of fuel. Therefore, the Porsche factory placed no requirement for 93 octane... just one for "Premium" fuel, which in many cases was only 91. I wonder why a manufacturer would specify a higher octane fuel only, maybe because the DME chip was mapped accordingly? Do you think it is possible that a manufacturer could have actually programmed the fuel map to exploit the use of an even better fuel, yep that good 'ol 93 octane stuff, and obtain peformance results from that change? Or maybe more fuel at certain points in the curve, advance in timing, etc?

Sir, I submit that they have and can. In fact, there are more "agressively" fuel mapped chips that came straight from the boys in Germany. Some cars were provided with differently mapped chips that had specific seriel numbers. When those factory chips are compared to other factory chips a difference appears in the fuel mapping. And low and behold, Porsche engineers of all people at some point in the 911 life cycle felt that changing the fuel mapping with more aggressive characteristics could actually change the performance of the car. Why else do you think that these changes were made? I do not believe it was to make them more fuel efficient or emmissions complaint.
(Those crazy Germans, maybe they think the moon is made of swiss cheese too!)

Come on Loren, (sounds of John Lennon playing in the background) all we are give chips a chance!

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this. Like many here, I am just some weekend warrior who loves his car and reads a lot. If I am wrong, well its off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Bill Smoak

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!

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