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Originally posted by Lorenfb

First Loren said this:

To buy a Porsche on Ebay is crazy, especially a 993 with all their engine
problems. The same goes for a 996 (They have other problems). As a
matter of fact, why would anyone ever buy any Porsche on Ebay? There's
enough problems buying things other than cars on Ebay.
Then, Loren says this:

The 993 is great looking and lots of power, but who needs the headaches.
Are you guys aware of the late model problems? Read some of the posts
on Rennlist.

Hey jim, how are your valve guides holding up? How many quarts per mile oil?
Try and watch that temp gauge in stop and go driving. Maybe keep the A.C. off
to keep the temp down. Are lifters a little noisy in the morning? Do the neighbors
think you've just bought a diesel?

Before I bid, I need to see the car first. Is that to unreasonable?
So what is it, buying a car on eBay is crazy or all post '89 911s are troublesome?

Many wise folks here have stated that eBay is just another marketplace where the smart buyer has all the same tools (PPI, inspection by a trusted party, etc.) available as any other marketplace.

Now, as you back peddle on your original silly statement about eBay, you come up with more silliness of "late model problems" and dig yourself deeper into a hole, that by now, you must be quite familiar with.

Of course late model cars have some problems, as has probably every iteration of 911 motor ever developed . . . or any motor ever developed for that matter.

Your statements are clumsy and lack focus and direction . . . and fail the factual basis you so espouse.

Have fun!

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