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KTL is right on your possibly getting close to not being able to get the alignment settings without some modification. Your pix look like it has lots of camber (3-5 deg?). As you get the rear back to appropriate camber and your planned tires, you may push the limits of clearance.

At the height you have it set, you are probably setting on the rubber shock bumpers in the rear. Take the rear shocks off, replace the cover with an appropriate large washer to mimic the top part of the cover (that has to be there), and put the shocks back on. This way you can see the clearance between the shock body and the rubber shock bumpers.
When you have the shocks off, collapse them all the way by hand and measure the point of contact.
There are various ways to determine the maximum shock travel. Most use a small zip-tie around the shock shaft. Position the zip-tie on the shaft at the shock body and set the car on the ground. Bounce it a few times and see where the tie moved to. Move the tie back down and go out and drive. Inspect the ties again. Repeat on bumpy roads and track. When you are all done, remember to put the shock covers back on.
The critical issue here is that the proper handling goes away if the car is on the rubber stops. Yes, you can cut out some of the rubber stop but you must insure that the shocks canít bottom out with some extreme bump Ė instant ruined shock.

Did you change torsion bars? One of the reasons for larger (stiffer) torsion bars is to be able to lower the car and still maintain good handling by the suspension not riding on the rubber bumpers. Of course the other reason is to provide a stiffer spring rate and more reactive response. The price you pay is a slightly stiffer ride.

With all the right equipment (big tires & wheels, lowered, stiff springs) it still takes lots of patience to get this right. Otherwise you end up with damaged tires (like KTL), burned paint, or worse.

A talented body person can roll that fender lip without damaging the paint.

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