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Originally posted by Lorenfb
Some people just have to learn to read better and think fully about how
they interpret what they read. Most continue taking things out of context
to make their illogical/irrational/irrelevant points.

As I've said many times; "Few people really contribute intelligently to a
thread." This has been exemplified over and over again on this thread!
Most should continue to only post on topics about polish and how to inflate
Porsche tires. You'd think you might expect a little higher quality of posts,
but maybe not. It's probably hopeless.
Well, there you go again. The classic debate tactic of shifting the focus and attacking personally, rather than responding to your argument's highlighted shortcomings. I won't stay up waiting for you to respond to my point rather than calling me a dummy.

As much as you think you may know, your out-of-hand dismissals do not help your argument.

Incredibly, many of us trust our own hard-won knowledge and observations to your unsubstantiated rantings. And as much as you deny it, many of us do have some education and knowledge. Just the way it is.

So long Loren. I'm going to use the ignore button as well. I'll check back from time to time to see if you actually have any substance beyond the bluster.
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