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Well, I finally made it through all the video. What's nice and clear on the big screen becomes fuzzy and postage-stamp-size on the computer, but what are you going to do?

All the files are in MP4 format. This will work with either Quicktime or the latest Windows Media Player. If it doesn't work on your Windows machine, go to this link for a decoder.

The first clip is kind of a curio, but you can use it as a test to see if your computer will play it all right, since it's only 940k. It's one of those 'what the heck was I thinking moments you don't expect to find on your tape. I come out of turn 9, at better than a hundred miles an hour. Then you see my right hand go down to shift into fifth (I'm at about 6700 in 4th at that moment, or 117 mph), and then...

...I let go of the steering wheel, and shake my hands out...

WTF? Your hands get tired at the end of a long session, driving on this track. But I never would have guessed I'd do something like this to get the blood moving in them again. Thanks to Tyson and TRE for my car tracking predictably at that speed. But I'm going to work not to have this show up on a tape again.

Hand Wringing At 117 (940k)

Next up is another mistake. I'm coming into the pits, following the outside edge of the track, and I stop paying attention -- and go into the gravel.

Visiting the Gravel (1.4m)

Okay, that's it for my screw-ups. The next clip gives you a glimpse of Chuck Moreland's 'Project Elephant,' which he was finally getting a chance to dial in for track use. This was the car's second visit to a track, and Chuck's first time at Willow, so he's navigating cautiously.

Elephant Sighting (1.6m)

Rob Wolford was one of the organizers of the event. In addition to his 73 Carrera RS, he's also got a Euro 2.7 Carrera from the following year. He was driving it cautiously, but look at what happens when he puts the pedal down from the top of the hill, 1:34 into the clip. The MFI and light weight make the car zing away like your eyes are playing tricks on you (until the EFI 3.6 reels him back in ).

Chasing the 2.7 (2.8m)

With deteriorating street tires, and the lack of my big wing, I was about two seconds off of my best times from the previous Wednesday. This was the fastest clip I got of myself, and you can see I do it by following Pelicanite Ted's car -- or rather, trying to keep up. This lap was a high 1:33 for me. I suspect the same lap was a couple of seconds shorter for him.

A full lap behind the Brumos Beast (5.9m)

Here's a 1:35-1:36 lap, without anything special, but you get a chance to see John Risvold's 'Red Rooster' early on in it.

A Lap with the Rooster (6m)

Finally, another lap where you see me trying -- unsuccessfully -- to keep up with the Brumos-themed monster.

More Time Behind the White Car (6.1m)
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