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What you say is absolutely true...but I fail to see the " Aha! " factor that you imply we've all been missing. Chip tuning is just the electronic equivalent of what hot-rodders have been doing since day one...changing the fuel delivery and advance curves to gain more hp...if all other mechanical aspects stay the same ( CR of the pistons, valve timing, etc). Going "too far" or "too aggresive" has always been a problem, and is not confined to Steve's or anybody else's chips.

What amazes me is that Steve W...your apparant pretty much saying the same thing and has been saying these things all-along. You BOTH seem to agree that these changes can produce results. You BOTH seem to say that if you harness only "chipping" ( electronic) expertise...and if the tuner doesn't know much about how IC engines work..that can lead to disasterous results. So can going the other way ( knowing engines but not being so good on knowing the TOTAL effect of chip code changes). It seems to me that Steve W has done specific and empirical testing on his own 3.2 car over a ten year period...and has come up with a reasonable compromise (between offering one generic Weltmeister and Autothority...and doing a car-specific dyno run to "match" the mods to the chip). Namely...that he has about 4-5 chip programs that fairly well match the 4 types of external engine mods people are likely to have ( SSI exhaust...stock, etc). So in essence...I continue to fail to see why the bad blood between you two guys..other than the vile rhetoric that inevetably occurs when differing viewpoints are aired.

I think there is also a strong implied position from both of you that Porsche has a different ( more restrictive) set of parameters to deal with, including emissions complinace over the LIFE of the vehicle ( or at least the first 50K miles, including the effect of parts-wear), the need to comply with and respond to warranty claims, and to deal with all types of weather conditions and variability on fuel quality. People who do chips will understand the need to always feed proper fuel octane, and to generally keep "on-top-of" issues and keep their cars in a sharper state of good condition.

So Loren, what new findings does this post provide the reader who avidly follows this stuff ?? Unless I am very mistaken....not much new here. What am I missing?

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