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Thankyou Warren for your balanced response and your most helpful suggestion.

I attach page 5 of the Porsche 911 Carrera DME Testplan (WKD490920) which clearly shows 2 testing procedures one of which (USA Cars) shows disconnection of the O2 sensor and another (RoW Cars) which does not.

If all cars have an O2 sensor then why would the Row test procedure not indicate disconnection of it? Maybe because UK delivered cars (which is all I can really speak for) did not have O2 sensors.

You said 'every Bosch publication about DMEs or Motronic states the fact very conclusively' when every Bosch publication about DMEs or Motronic I have seen states or implies the fact that O2 Sensors, cats and exhaust recirculation systems are auxillary or supplimental systems added in response to legislation aimed at reducing emmisions. The are added when required by legislation they are not added because the Motronic system requires them.

Perhaps you could show a manual that backs up your statements.



Originally posted by Early_S_Man

The cataltic converter and O2 sensor issue aren''t related! This is just the type of BS and hype I was referring to above!

If, however, you are suggesting that ROW 3.2s didn't have O2 sensors, I suggest that you read a few factory publications, such as: 3.2 Carrera: DME Test Plan!!!

The O2 sensor is the central part around which the Bosch Motronic system is designed, and no amount of protestation will counter that fact! Every Bosch publication about DMEs or Motronic states the fact very conclusively!
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