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OK, I finally will stick in my 2c.

In the mid ‘70s to early ‘80s we built several dozen wonderful hotrods on 2.4s. If T most got 40IDA carburetors (cost), E&S retained MFI. They were mostly 92 Mahle RSR, 10.3:1, turbo fan, front cooler, 22&28, Porsche Factory RSR Bilstein struts & shocks, stock sway bars, and slightly lower.
No plastic bushings (noisy and ride rough.)
No outward signs (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.)
At 2.8 L and high compression these are screamers. They mostly still run on pump premium on the street but 110 on the track. If twin plug had been reasonably available back then, all would have had it and the CR would have been 10.8:1. All of these should be upgraded to twin plug.
Some of these are currently running PCA and are Pelicans.

So, what do I recommend for an early 911?

A ’69-’73 LWB chassis, all the current upgrades, light weight (particularly in the rear), SC rear flares, pretty much the same suspension as 20 years ago – just new, and an engine. My personal preference would be MFI 2.8 11.3:1 E or S on a 7R case, twin plug, that looks exactly like an original 2.4T. So what if I spend $4/gal for race fuel. There are lots of engine choices SC and later – just heavier.
Speaking of weight, I would remove the sound deadening in spite of the increased noise. The ’69-71S had an Aluminum deck lid and license panel. All that stuff, including quarter bumpers/bumpers, is now available in CF. I would get everything behind the doors as outrageously light as possible while still maintaining stock appearance.

The Theory of 911 Hotrod.

There are three kinds of cars (all 911s):
Street Cars – basically as Porsche delivered them, with improvements.
Café Racers – look cool, go faster, Pelican hot rods. The extreme are non-drivable show cars.
Race Cars – Built on a 911 platform but with no consideration for street use (911R to GT3-RSR).

Thanks to Porsche, all are suitable for the track. All the Street Cars and, hopefully, most of the Café Racers are street legal. None of the Race Cars are street legal (unless you really push it – that’s another story.)

Envision an overlapping 3-circle Venn diagram: Street – Café – Race. The really great news is that Porsche 911 is mostly in the center of the three overlaps.

My question to everyone is:
How far toward Café and/or Race are you willing to go and still be Street?

ANSWER PRICE LIST (as seen in someone's shop)
Answers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $0.75
Answers (requiring thought) - - - - $1.25
Answers (correct) - - - - - - - - - - $12.50
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