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911E valve adjustment gone!

Hi All,

As a new 1971 911E owner, I was reffered to Pelican from some people at Rennlist, and found it to be a great place for ordering parts and for tech articles.

I bought the book "101 projects" and all the parts needed for a valve job and oil change. All went smoothly (I've adjusted valves for years on my 1971 BMW) until I started her up. Feels like it's running on five cylinders.

Thinking it might be an electrical problem, I pulled plug wires one at a time and ran the engine. Each time it ran even rougher than with all of them connected, so I'm assuming I'm getting good spark. Wouldn't this point to a misadjusted valve?

I bought the special "question mark" feeler guage and even went through the cycle a second time to check the clearance. I followed the 101 Projects instructions and removed the spark plugs while checking clearance, but looking at the Pelican website today I noticed a tech article that said you should leave them in, lest carbon shake loose and prevent the valves from sealing. DOH!


1. When checking valve clearance, do you err on the "can barely move it in" or "moves in easily but has some resistance". I did the latter, which always worked fine on my BMWs.

2. Should I check compression on all cylinders...would that reveal a misadjusted or carbon-blocked valve?

3. If a valve is blocked by carbon, how can I clean it out? Some kind of engine cleaner flush?

4. If you lift the car on one side only, can I remove one lower valve cover without losing all my nice, fresh oil?

5. Where would you start to diagnose the problem? I've considered towing to a mechanic, but they just LOVE fixing other people's "repairs" . Any good 911 mechanics in the Redlands or Riverside, CA area?

A frustrated new 911E owner,

Jay Karolyi
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