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Originally posted by snowman
As to racing, any serious racer uses Carillo, period...

...If you want to win a race, and you do not do EVERYTHING that can be done you will not win consistantly. And yes Real racers DO use Carillo, it just ain't worth the alternate. Even 99 percent of vintage racers eventually end up with Carillo rods, because the others break and Carillo ones do not.

That's a bit of a broad statement (I'm being PC here). Serious racers? What's a serious racer? Nearly ever porsche racer I know (PCA, SCCA, MWC, VSCDA, SVRA, NASA) uses stock rods. The ones that use Carillo, well they are the ones that rev to 8500RPM or just have more money than brains.

Doing everything that can be done would put every race motor in the $40k range. There's just no need for that.

I think you've erased the line between theory and practical application here. I never placed less than 2nd last year and ran over 20 events on my "not a real race motor", yet I didn't use Carillo rods, nor titanium valves, nor cross-drilled cranks.

What you might say is that if you push any component of the engine up to, or past, the design limits it outght to be upgraded to prevent premature failure. That means if you are revving your motor to 8000 RPM Carillo rods, lighter valves, etc are a good idea.

I've had people go so far as to tell me that because an engine isn't boat-tailed it's not a race motor. Why not? A motor does not have to be extreme to be a race motor. Nor does every component have to be titanium, shot-peened, x-rayed, chopped and channeled and lowered and louvered.

But hey, what do I know? We only do 20 races a year for the last 4 years and have only had one DNF due to motor failure. One that all the Carillo rods and ARP rod bolts in the world would not have fixed!

So, ask some of the guys that know waaaaay more than me, Weiner, Patrick, Kelley Moss, etc.. and I'm guessing they'll say that the stock rods are good to at least 7500RPM... in a race motor.
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