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Unhappy Engine cutting out when I turn right....

So last night I was driving into my driveway, and as I was pulling into my spot the "master alarm" (!) light on my dash cluster lit up for a split second. I noticed it, but decided that it was some sort of momentary thing from my parking brake switch or something. It was so fast that I didn't get to see if the accompanying "parking brake" light lit up, but anyway it didn't worry me.
So this morning I'm driving to work, and I'm going around a pretty tight right curve in the road at about 50mph and for a split second the master alarm light lights up again, then goes off. Then a second later (same right curve) as I push the car a bit further into apex of the curve, the master alarm comes on again accomopanied by all of the dash indicators failing, ie my speedometer headed down to "0" and my oil pressure and voltage meter bottomed out. At the same time, my engine stops running, or at least stops firing since I'm in fifth doing about 50mph so the engine is still turning over. This all happened, from everything fine to alarm light, no gauges, and dead engine in a split second, seriously a snap of the fingers. At that exact moment I came out of the curve ( a little less g force ) and then, as fast as it happened, everything was fine again, master alarm was off, engine was purring. Everything, from the original alarm light to the engine running fine again, happened in maybe 1.5 seconds.
Obviously this worried me a fair amount, especially since the particular road I was driving is in Boston and there are walls on both sides, nowhere to go if your car breaks down.
Well, once I was on a slightly more reasonable road I decided to see if I could get it to happen again. So I took a right at a good clip and the exact same thing happened, with everything going back to normal when I got out of the turn. Turnig left doesn't seem to do it.
So there's the problem.
OK, relevant info:
Battery cables are tight
engine grounds were cleaned by yours truly within 6 months
DME relay is new from pelican, about 4 months old
Everything reading normal on gauges, 3 bar oil, full tank of gas, 12ish volts, normal operating temp
no leaks from battery tray, it's in pristine condition
1989 2.7l 944 na, 69k miles.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only other relevant info I can offer is that it died once in a carwash...obviously something got wet. However, today is the nicest/warmest we've had in some time, and yesterday was killer too. I highly doubt anything could be wet.... I'll dig up the post about that problem and post it here in case anyone thinks they're related.
Thanks guys!
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