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Well, spent this morning working on the car, and here's what I found:
-I ran the ignition switch diagnostic from Clark's garage, and everything checked out OK. However, I would point out that, since the failure only occurs during cornering, everything was working fine in general. anyway, ignition switch seems OK.
-Oil level fine (didn't seem like oil starvation, but couldn't hurt to check.)
-reference sensors had good, clean connections and looked OK, although I didn't break out the oscilliscope.
-Checked coil, I was getting a reading of .7 ohm whereas it's supposed to be .4 to .6..... doubt it's the source of the problem, but noted it anyway.
-Steering column had no loose wiring anywhere that I could see, and before going to the garage I threw the car around some corners to see if I could get it to fail. I did, but discovered that the failure seems to be g-force related, not steering angle related.
-Last, and certainly not least, is the starter connections. I was skeptical of this one going in, becuase...well, it's a starter. I've taken it out and reinstalled it many, many times without mishap, so it didn't seem like I could have forgotten something this time. anyway, I was down there looking at it, and decided to just remove all of the wires and clean their connections, then hook it up again. It was during this procedure that I discovered what I think is the problem. So the starter has three wires, on little and two big. The little and one of the bigs are loomed together, and the other big is on it's own loom. Anyway, while pushing them around so I could wire brush them, I noticed that the big one with it's own loom was contacting one of those posts that hold on the heat shielding and such. I had the wires coming down in such a way that they were on the drivers side of the slave cylinder, between the slave and the body. This post was perfectly positioned to rub against the loom/warp which was on the lone big wire. It had worn away an honest to goodness hole, about as wide as a bic pen and straight through to the internals of the wire. Because this had happened over time, nothing catastrophic had occurred. However, I think that when I turned hard right the g force pushed the wire against the post.
So I re-routed the wires to the other side of the slave and gave a good electrical taping to the worn wire, and I think that may have solved the problem. I'm about to go out and drive it around ( I had it out for maybe 10 minutes after re-assembly) and see if I have solved the problem. Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions...hope this solved my problem!
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