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Lot's of speculation there, none of it (riding ability) which has much to do with the thread's point.

I think Blake did a great job of articulating the point. Jim underestimates many people here. He's right however in that some folks drastically overestimate the power obtainable. That's their loss and in my book, Jim's right to criticize that. He's wrong to paint all the list members with such broad strokes.

It almost seems as if Jim is arguing with himself, as I'm not sure of anyone who is posting big gains.

> The MCM article is fair balanced, and correct.

I agree. I only disagree with _some_ of the conclusions you manage to glean by reading between the lines.

> happen to have already aggreed with its findings before the test was ever done, and pleased to see the results they have so helpfully pointed out.

Yes, quite helpful. You do realize however that the article very much does (Explicitly) substantiate the benefits of low restriction intakes, via the quantifiable airbox pressure readings. The article also finds improved response and moderately improved power via intake/exhaust, and mixture enrichment. (remember, the r259, not a stock mixture, made the most power)

Implicit (also via the reduced airbox vacuum) is that larger gains would be seen on the road than the dyno. Admittedly small, but still there. A group of roll on tests would have added greatly to the article, but as it stood, it was still quite good.

Again, I want to objectively and publicly partially disagree with Jim, not bash him.
I agree with much of what he says.
i.e. no big hp from the simple external bolt-ons The factory effort, though a bit mixture and flow restricted to make the DOT and TŘV happy, is a pretty damn well balanced package, and isn't easy to improve upon, certainly in regards to peak power.

Our own Austin 5 bike dyno test revealed much the same. The only bike with a big gain (12hp) was the only one with extensive mods. (Eron's, of course)

No free lunches here, but also no reason to believe nice improvements can't be made.

I think most people here are too inflamed by Jim's (and others') rhetoric to note that we agree on more than we disagree with.

Another example of a poor communications style ruining the message.
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