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You hit the nail on the head. If the whole of the curve ('scuse the pun) for hp and torque are analysed, there are significant gains. As stated many many times before, "peak hp is less relevant than the raising of the curve overall". I have posted my graphs in the past and shown significant gains in many areas for both hp and torque. The most notable is at the rev limiter at 8350 rpms where my bike has around 19 more hp than a stock bike. This helped by getting more air in with less restriction.

Cams, pistons and any other internal bits matched will give good gains and has been proven by thousands of engine builders the world over. The problem is this goes against at least 90% of most BMW owners wishes as it affects warranty. BMWs are known for longevity and the warranty is a big issue.

My changes and the results are not the only way to do it and not being claimed as the best either. But most people who add a less restrictive intake get the big "smile on the dial factor" as the end result.


You issue another challenge to ride on familiar roads to you and you will kick butt on your stock 'S'. I have ridden with people on unfamiliar roads and keep a good pace. Not the fastest in the world but a respectable pace none the less. Maybe a challenge for you to bring your stocker 'down under' for many types of riding on both familiar and unfamiliar roads for me and even some track time. This is a ludicrous challenge from my point of view as yours is for anyone else.

Get over it, get on with your life, and let people enjoy spending their money however the hell they want. If you will not go and ride a tuned 'S' and enjoy the benefits, and the really are there, then get off the "spend your money on invasive engine mods" soap box and leave it alone. By continuing to bring the subject up, it only gets in peoples faces and makes more people aware of the benefits.

If I still lived in Richmond, VA, I would gladly ride down to your neck of the woods and take up your challenge and forget about my 20 to 30% margin of error and have some fun with you.

1998 R1100S Yellow is the best (now departed from my life)
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