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I have used JE before, if a customer brings them in. I use Wiseco becasue the guy That I apprenticed under used Wiseco, and he, and I through him have a great relationship with the aplications engineers at that company, and they will do pretty much any combination we ask. So when doing a motor, I can contact them and tell them the specifics on the engine, as well as what I am looking for in terms of an end result and we come up with a piston that fits our requirments. I have never had an issue with them, and I use them just because I have a realtionship with them and they are not opposed to doing a one off specific set for me, instead of only offereing mass produced production runs. Plus their quality is excellent.

In the past I have nto run any coatings on the turbo motors. In my opinion, the arenot the best for a street type car. For a balls out race motor, they may offer some merit. I think I will wait a bit longer for the technology to be proven before swearing by them. I would consider their use in a racing application where there are themal extremes, but for less severe use I dont think its needed. The only thing that holds me back is that if they fail, you could be in big trouble. I recently pulled apart a high performance motor that ran a caoting on the skirts of the pistons, and half of it was flaked off. This was a coating applied by the manufacturer, and it wasnt worn off, it was flaked off in chunks, now depending on the coating and where it is applied, if lets say a piston coating fails, that very hard and durable (by itself) coating can be imbedded into a cylinder wall, or pulled through a pump, etc. I have heard in the past there were issues with coated piston rings where the channel would dislodge its material and stuff it into the wall, thus hindereing the proper ring seal.

In closing, dont misunderstand me, I am not saying that coatings are not good, or dont work. I just dont use them right now, nor do I have that much experience with them.
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