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No, they are for a 3.4 turbo motor. See, the heads were brought in for me only to clip some material off of them to raise the compression, but once I got them and saw the cracks that was the first red flag, then when i pulled out the valves to look closer, and measured the stem to guide clearance and found both .0015 on both intake and exhaust (Way too tight esp for turbo) that was second red flag, then when I measured the crush on the niresist ring and grooves, too tight, third red flag, The valve job had been done so that the valves were sunk so far down in the seat, that the head wouldnt breach the combustion chamebr for about the first .030 of lift, so why run a bigger cam? it went on and on . True, it would have been easier to just get new stuff, but the customer had already spent a lot of money having all the work done elsewhere. The heads had been cut, grooved (Which I dont like), seats had been replaces, a valve job done, they were twin plugged and guides installed (And cracked the heads) and they were ported. SO he had already sunk a ton of money into them. Unfortunatley, I had to undo all of the work he had already had done in order to correct that. Hence the new guides, the welding, the seats, etc.

During the process, realizing that the amount of material I would have to remove to get his desired compression would not be practical since it would require removing too much form the heads, I opted to have pistons made for me by Wiseco, who we use for all of our projects when we need things made in terms of pistons (There is a past recent post on them) . The orginal Mahle 3.4 kit he had gotten was supposed to be 7.5:1, but when I poured the motor, and this was after I had cut the heads again, did the valve seats so that valve wasnt buried in the head, it still only poured out to 6.9:1 with the thinner base gasket, so go figure. That is why ot is so omportnat to check all of this stuff and not take any of it for granted.

Beleive me, it certainly would have been easier to just start with new stuff, and I gave the customer the option, but he wanted to keep it, so away I went.
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