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Re: rebuild 3.0 or install used 3.2 (long)


1) If I decide to swap, what is my 3.0 worth in this condition?

I think $1500 should move it quickly. 2k may work, but the miles are quite high, so everyone will have the same fear (p&c out of spec?) than you do. Also the head and cylinder that are affected may have some damage by now.

2) I'm capable of a DIY rebuild, but I like the ease in tuning and upgrading of the motronic 3.2.

When the CIS works well, it runs very nicely. I would not call the motronic easy to tune. Chips aren't trivial and it seems to me that you have to get one custom fit to your specific 3.2. MAF upgrades are very pricey and the 3.2 doesn't seem to react as nicely to exhaust mods than the 3.0.

If you spend some time on the 3.0, richen the mix, put headers or SSI, put 20/21 or 964 cams, you'll have a very good running engine that will be very comparable to a stock 3.2, if not eat it for lunch. The motronic sytem can have DME problems, and it still isn't talking to every injector individually, like a true modern EFI. It's still firing in banks. I think it is still somewhat of a crutch.

3) Other than rod stretching and worn valve guides, what problems do 3.2's have? Are broken headstuds as common as with 3.0's?

I think yes. Not as common yet, because they are newer. I think the material is the same, so there is no reason it should be less frequent.

The other problem the 3.2 sometimes has are prematurely worn valve guides. If you buy an engine on a palette that you can't see run, with good compression numbers, you may have found one with bad valve guides (something the compression numbers won't really show).

4) I'm on an extremely limited budget. What can I expect to pay for a used 3.2 in good condition?

One from a dismantler with a 90 day warranty? Try 6500, EXCHANGE. There goes your core! Of course you can do better from a private party, but you will be had pressed to find a decent and well documented 3.2 for much less than 6k. And there is no warranties. If the sucker blows up on the first test drive, you will eat it.

I would rebuild the 3.0. You will have a fresh engine. A used engine always is a pig in a poke. If you are determined to go 3.2 and motronic, I'd buy a core 3.2 and go through it. Rod bolts, head studs and valve guides. Then put it back together and be happy.

You are on a limited budget, but you also want to make sure you don't pull your enigne every 6 moths. That is time consuming and will cost more in the long run too. I'd do it right and rebuild the 3.0 or a core 3.2.

Hope this helps.

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